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 10 Romantic Hotels for a Marriage Proposal in Paris 

By Nicolas | May 23, 2023 

Once you have made your proposal in Paris with the assistance of ApoteoSurprise, you will find yourself on cloud nine. You will be soaring to great heights, atop the peaks of an uncharted summit. It would be a missed opportunity to not allow the emotional journey to continue its ascent towards the stars. Therefore, we highly suggest transforming the first night into a truly magical experience, where you can finally refer to your beloved as "my fiancée". To enhance this moment, we have handpicked a collection of romantic hotels that will gracefully extend the enchantment of your Paris engagement. These exceptional establishments will ensure a captivating stay for both of you.


1. Seven Hotel

Seven Hotel

Seven Hotel

20 Rue Berthollet
75005 Paris
Tel : +33 1 43 31 47 52

Starting from 205 €


The Seven Hotel enjoys an exceptional location in the prestigious 5th arrondissement of Paris, situated on the Left Bank. This distinguished establishment provides a truly unique experience, seamlessly blending charm and elegance. Concealed behind its Haussmann-style façade, it offers a discreet haven, designed for intimacy and relaxation.


The Seven's lounge, aptly named the "Living Room," emanates an inviting and cozy ambiance. Every guest feels privileged, invited to luxuriate in the harmonious fusion of furniture, art objects, and photographs. During the daytime, it provides a tranquil setting, perfect for losing oneself in the pages of an art book. As evening descends, it transforms into a convivial gathering place, fostering social connections and conversations over drinks.


The terrace of the Seven Hotel serves as a true sanctuary of tranquility, boasting captivating views of the surroundings. Adorned with sculptural furnishings, it creates an atmosphere conducive to unwinding and contemplation, beckoning visitors to fully embrace this outdoor oasis.

With a 24-hour reception, the Seven Hotel ensures a warm welcome and uninterrupted room service. The affable and multilingual staff also offers secure luggage storage for guests' personal belongings.


The Seven Hotel provides an authentic and upscale experience. Whether you seek a romantic escapade following a wedding proposal or simply a discreet sanctuary where timeless beauty reigns supreme, this establishment will exceed your expectations with its subtle charm and refined ambiance.

2. The Five Hotel

The Five Hotel

The Five Hotel

3 rue Flatters
75005 Paris
Tel : +33 1 43 31 74 21

Starting from 195 €


Located in the bustling Latin Quarter of Paris, the Five Hotel boasts an enviable position for your stays in the capital. Nestled in the vibrant 5th arrondissement, this distinctive hotel offers a central location, conveniently proximity to major train stations and airport access.


Allow yourself to be captivated by the extraordinary atmosphere of the Five Hotel, where art and originality seamlessly blend. From the moment of arrival, you will be enchanted by the alluring ambiance of each room. Mesmerizing lighting effects and lacquered Chinese artworks create a visually unparalleled experience, where vibrant hues beckon relaxation and complete immersion.


The Five Hotel's 25 rooms are meticulously designed to provide a unique world for every traveler. Combining modernity with a cozy touch, they are adorned with exclusive design elements, vibrant color schemes, and thoughtfully selected materials. Fiber optic decorations adorning the rooms and bathrooms awaken the senses and offer a genuine escape.


During your stay at the Five Hotel, you will find yourself just a stone's throw away from iconic historical sites such as Rue Mouffetard, the Pantheon, Notre-Dame, and the Jardin des Plantes. Immerse yourself in an original and welcoming environment, where each room possesses its own distinctive identity, creating an authentic and unforgettable experience.

3. One By The Five

One By The Five

One By The Five

3 rue Flatters
75005 Paris
Tel : +33 1 43 31 74 21

Starting from 255 €


Welcome to the renowned suite of the Five Hotel: One By The Five. This exceptional gem beckons you to embark on an unforgettable experience, carefully crafted as a romantic escapade. Drawing inspiration from the Five Hotel, the establishment's design, meticulously curated by interior decorator Sandrine Alouf and Parisian architect Vincent Bastie, sets the stage for an extraordinary ambiance.


One By The Five is a fully autonomously suite-apartment, artfully designed to take you on a romantic journey through a series of enchanting rooms. A cozy lounge area invites you to unwind and familiarize yourself with the surroundings, while a well-stocked bar enables you to create the Love Elixir, a cocktail exclusively crafted for this occasion. Champagne, port, cognac, cinnamon, red fruits... all the ingredients are provided to ensure an exquisite sensory experience. Following an evening of dancing to the eclectic playlist on the iPod at your disposal, you can refresh and prepare yourself in the vibrant red lounge or the captivating "harmony of the senses" lounge.


It's highly probable that you will quickly succumb to the alluring charms of this sensory journey before reaching the bedroom, where a levitating bed awaits. This extravagant suite offers a captivating invitation to float amidst a starry sky, delivering an extraordinary encounter that transcends the conventions of typical hotel accommodations.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of One By The Five at the Five Hotel and allow yourself to be transported into a fairy-tale experience where romance and luxury converge. With meticulously designed spaces and a distinctive atmosphere, this suite guarantees an unforgettable stay, providing a unique and offbeat encounter.

4. Secret de Paris

Secret de Paris

Secret de Paris

2 Rue de Parme

75009 Paris
Tel : +33 1 53 16 33 33

Starting from 265 €


Situated in the heart of the 9th arrondissement, in close proximity to the Grands Boulevards and the Sacré-Cœur, Secret de Paris Hotel is a romantic sanctuary that provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The six themed rooms, inspired by famous Parisian landmarks, create an intimate and personalized ambiance.


Certain rooms are equipped with a jacuzzi for two, adding a touch of luxury to your sojourn. The attentive hotel staff offers the "Romance in Paris" package, which includes rose petals, a bottle of champagne, and a love box, ensuring an unforgettable evening.


Secret de Paris Hotel transports you to an elegant realm where the city's iconic monuments are subtly accentuated. The enchanting atmosphere of this lavish establishment perfectly captures the romantic essence of Paris.


Immerse yourself in this distinctive experience and allow the intimacy and charm of this extraordinary hotel to captivate you. Every detail has been meticulously considered to provide you with a memorable stay.

5. Maison Souquet

Maison Souquet

Maison Souquet

10 Rue de Bruxelles

75009 Paris

Tel : +33 1 48 78 55 55

Starting from 795 €


Behind a discreet façade, illuminated by red lanterns, lies Maison Souquet, a luxurious sanctuary reserved for the privileged few. Tucked away near Montmartre, this establishment embodies the vibrant and indulgent spirit of the City of Light, seamlessly blending glamour and history. Formerly a house of pleasure during the Belle Époque era, Maison Souquet revives a lavish and provocative period in Parisian history.


Jacques Garcia's talent flawlessly captures the enigmatic allure, refined elegance, exotic charm, sensuality, and unmatched luxury that defined these architecturally unique establishments. By creating an ambiance of whimsical décor that shields guests from the outside world, one's spirit is liberated in an enchanting environment adorned with art objects, sofas, and divans. Travelers instantly feel at home, while the vista from their room reveals the delights of an intimate sanctuary, enhanced by encounters before and after dining.


Maison Souquet, a small palace of hedonism, boasts 20 rooms and 6 suites, each offering a distinct ambiance. Every detail is meticulously designed to create a captivating and immersive atmosphere, inviting guests to indulge in a world of luxury and sensuality.


Embark on a journey to this enchanting haven, where the harmonious fusion of bygone grandeur and contemporary elegance crafts an unforgettable experience for visitors, infused with a fascinating historical legacy.

6. Hidden Hotel

Hidden Hotel

Hidden Hotel

28 rue de l'Arc de Triomphe

75017 Paris

Tel : +33 1 40 55 03 57

Starting from 175 €


Located in close proximity to the Arc de Triomphe, on a tranquil street reminiscent of a hidden passage, Hidden Hotel offers a Parisian retreat where a serene atmosphere prevails. This inviting hotel provides a distinctive experience by artfully blending textures, colors, and fragrances that enhance your stay, almost making you forget that you are in the heart of the City of Light.


Hidden Hotel beckons you to step into a modern, enigmatic, and wonderfully intimate world. Upon arrival, you will be warmly greeted behind the discreet façade of a grand solid wood door, where genuine and sustainable materials such as stone, wood, linen, leather, and slate seamlessly converge. These elements elegantly fuse together, creating private and communal spaces with impeccable presentation that only improve with time.


The attentive team at Hidden Hotel extends a gracious welcome, embodying kindness, simplicity, and attentiveness, with your satisfaction as their utmost priority. They will be thrilled to unveil the "Hidden" secrets of Paris, revealing exclusive venues, concealed bars, and remarkable restaurants that should not be missed.


This charming cocoon accommodates 35 rooms, each exuding a unique ambiance conducive to relaxation. As a distinguished 4-star hotel, Hidden Hotel sets itself apart through the delightful extravagance of its design and services, seamlessly blending well-being and luxury to ensure a memorable stay. Seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of Parisian life at Hidden Hotel, a true haven of tranquility where you can fully recharge.

7. Legend Hotel

Legend Hotel

Legend Hotel

151 bis Rue de Rennes

75006 Paris

Tel : +33 1 45 48 97 38

Starting from 370 €


Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Legend Hotel, a true contemporary gem nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Saint-Germain des Près in Paris. This 4-star boutique hotel transports you to a mysterious world where charm seamlessly blends with modernity. From the moment you arrive, allow yourself to be captivated by the irresistible ambiance that permeates these surroundings.


Located just a few steps away from the Jardin du Luxembourg, you can indulge in romantic walks with your loved one as night falls. Surrender to the allure of the hotel's distinctive rooms, each offering an experience inspired by Greek mythology or creating a fairy-tale world worthy of a dream. You will be embraced in a cozy and nurturing cocoon, a true oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling Parisian scene.


For your relaxation, the Legend Hotel invites you to enjoy the living room, a welcoming space bathed in natural light. Whether you desire to delve into a good book, savor a refreshing drink, or simply unwind, this area will serve as your ideal sanctuary. Allow yourself to be transported by the serene ambiance and authentic atmosphere that emanate from every corner of the hotel.


For a romantic getaway filled with delightful discoveries, the Legend Hotel is the perfect destination to create cherished and unforgettable moments for two.

8. Albert's Hotel

Albert's Hotel

Albert's Hotel

22 Rue du Grand Prieuré

75011 Paris

Tel : +33 1 48 07 55 25

Starting from 150 €


Come and discover Albert's Hotel, a true sanctuary of seduction in the heart of Paris. With its levitating, four-poster, or round beds, this establishment is brimming with originality, offering a distinctive theatrical experience. Situated near Place de la République and just a stone's throw away from the Marais district, the hotel boasts an ideal location for exploring the city.


One of the standout features of the hotel is its dedicated concierge service, always ready to cater to your needs and ensure a flawless stay. Treat yourself to an intimate and relaxing moment by choosing the Diamond Suite, which showcases a romantic bedroom with a round bed and a private bathtub. The hotel rooms are air-conditioned and adorned with vibrant splashes of color, creating a welcoming and cozy ambiance.


Each morning, delight in a delectable breakfast comprising homemade pain au chocolat, croissants, and freshly baked bread. If you prefer, breakfast can also be served in the comfort of your room, allowing for a gentle awakening.


Allow yourself to be captivated by the unique atmosphere of Albert's Hotel, where every detail has been meticulously considered to provide an unforgettable stay in Paris. To extend your romantic evening, this establishment will enchant you and deliver an indelible experience.

9. Hôtel Le Lapin Blanc

Hôtel Le Lapin Blanc

Hôtel Le Lapin Blanc

41 Bd Saint-Michel
75005 Paris

Tel : +33 1 53 10 27 77

Starting from 260 €


The Lapin Blanc Hotel welcomes you to step into an elegant and enchanting world, guided by the White Rabbit through a realm of dreams. This delightful retreat, adorned with white hues complemented by vibrant accents, is the imaginative masterpiece of two artists. Tucked away in the Latin Quarter, this discreet establishment boasts an ideal location near the Sorbonne, Luxembourg Gardens, and Notre-Dame Cathedral.


The hotel's rooms will mesmerize you with their original design. Discover an adorable petite jacuzzi adjacent to the bed or an open shower in soft pastel shades. With a serene and romantic ambiance, they promise an unforgettable stay with your beloved at the White Rabbit.


Immerse yourself in the whimsical universe of Alice in Wonderland, taking the time to relax and relish a delightful breakfast tête-à-tête. Opt for the Suite that offers breathtaking views of Paris rooftops, accompanied by the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur gracing your gaze from the comfort of your room. For a more lavish experience, indulge in a round bathtub available in select rooms.


The Le Lapin Blanc Hotel transports you to a unique atmosphere where reality and dreams blend seamlessly. Whether you desire to explore the city or unwind in an enchanting setting, this establishment guarantees you a memorable experience in Paris.

10. Hôtel La Parizienne

Hôtel La Parizienne

Hôtel La Parizienne

33 Bd du Montparnasse

75006 Paris

Tel : +33 1 45 48 75 64

Starting from 125 €


Immerse yourself in the warm and exotic atmosphere of Hotel La Parizienne, where an unpretentious ambiance invites you to explore your sensuality in complete privacy. Nestled on Paris' artistic Left Bank, this establishment provides the perfect sanctuary for indulging your artistic inclinations. Head north to discover a multitude of theaters and the vibrant cabaret scene of the Montparnasse district. To the south, be enchanted by the charming squares of Saint-Sulpice and Saint-Germain des Prés.


Throughout your stay, luxuriate in the comfort of your bed and the intimate decor that sets the stage for an unmistakably romantic experience. Don't miss the breathtaking illustrations by Marta Fonfara adorning the hotel, paying homage to the City of Light. For absolute tranquility, request a room with a courtyard view, ensuring an undisturbed retreat.


Hotel La Parizienne, a delightful 3-star establishment, embodies the mischievous and free-spirited nature of a true Parisian. Its universe exudes a playful elegance and poetic lightness. Discover a vibrant oasis where you'll feel right at home, surrounded by a caring team dedicated to creating an unforgettable stay.


If you're in search of a romantic and artistic escape in Paris, Hotel La Parizienne will surpass your expectations, offering a unique experience that combines charm and artistry.


One of these 10 romantic hotels will be a perfect match for our marriage proposal package in a limousine, which is available for 490 euros. We suggest a pick-up time at 10:30pm, immediately after a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Your heartfelt message will be displayed at the base of the Eiffel Tower at 11pm, precisely when the Eiffel Tower is illuminated and sparkling. Afterward, you will be safely transported to your hotel by 11:30pm.

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