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Un homme glisse une bague de fiançailles du doigt de sa bien-aimée lors d'une demande en mariage


Since 2006, ApoteoSurprise has been dedicated to assisting men from around the globe in orchestrating elegant and creative marriage proposals in Paris. With an unrivaled reputation as the premier marriage proposal planner and the ultimate authority on romance in the enchanting city of love, our company has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition.

Nicolas Garreau

Armed with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, I embarked on a remarkable journey when I realized that there was a glaring void in the world of romance. No service existed to guide men in crafting their ultimate marriage proposal - an occasion that epitomizes a lifetime of significance!

During my formative years, fate smiled upon me as I resided in the enchanting city of Venice, Italy for four unforgettable years. It was within the embrace of this romantic haven that my spirit blossomed and my destiny took shape. Witnessing couples locked in tender embraces aboard gondolas, exchanging kisses beneath the iconic Bridge of Sighs, became a daily spectacle that fueled my imagination. It awakened within me an unyielding desire to create extraordinary and indelible experiences for the women who captured my heart.


Being a passionate and imaginative soul from the very inception of my relationships, it dawned upon me, some years later, that my talents could be harnessed for a greater purpose. I could utilize my skills to assist men in dazzling their beloved, enveloping them in an ethereal ambiance reminiscent of a fairy tale!


Prepare to be shocked by a staggering statistic: a whopping 80% of women end up disappointed with their marriage proposal! As I delved deeper into this issue, a distressing truth emerged: men often find themselves utterly clueless when it comes to planning the perfect proposal, especially in unfamiliar territories. But fear not! Paris, the city of romance, beckons as the ultimate backdrop for your grand gesture.

The marriage proposal, a pivotal moment, akin to fulfilling a childhood dream of finding Prince Charming. For women, it's as simple as this—no Prince Charming on the day of the proposal, and he may never appear at all! So, wouldn't you agree that Paris, with its enchanting aura and undeniable allure, is the ideal setting to make Prince Charming materialize before her very eyes?


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in km, altitude at which the first marriage proposal in space in History was planned by ApoteoSurprise


While proposals at restaurants during boozy dinners may pass muster for friends, they seldom leave women feeling satisfied. Disappointment reaches its peak when an engagement ring is concealed within a cake, a chocolate egg, or even worse, a glass of champagne... Believe it or not, one in five women accidentally swallows the ring in the latter scenario! And let's not even get started on proposals executed in the presence of a partner's family, amidst a concert, accompanied by a cringe-worthy poem, in a karaoke bar, with a bed sheet banner, a flash mob, or even worse, during a sporting event. Women downright despise such lackluster attempts!

For your own marriage proposal, I urge you to consider another approach: enlist the services of a renowned marriage proposal planner to orchestrate a truly unforgettable experience in the heart of Paris!

For you, I have created a selection of 30 all-inclusive proposal packages, each meticulously crafted with a single goal in mind: to dazzle your beloved and leave her breathless with awe! The secrets of these proposals will be known to you alone. Every minute detail is thoughtfully considered and meticulously executed, ensuring that YOU receive all the credit for the flawless proposal of a lifetime.

7 out of 10

number of men saying that they are scared about the idea of proposing, judging that « more terrifying than swimming with sharks »


percentage of women disappointed by their marriage proposal when their partner planned it all by himself


in ms, period of time enough to fall in love (the classic love at the first sight) according to recent scientific research

1 out of 5

number of women swallowing the engagement ring when their partner drops the ring in a glass of champagne 

intensity of emotions felt by lovers whose marriage proposal was planned by ApoteoSurprise

Nicolas Garreau


Prepare to embark on a journey through the depths of romantic psychology, where I reveal one of my closely guarded secrets: the art of creating an emotional crescendo in each proposal. Through extensive collaboration with relationship psychotherapists, I have mastered the art of timing, ensuring that the peak of emotions is reached at the precise moment - not too soon, allowing for the magic to unfold, yet not too late, preserving the euphoria.


This timeless moment is the gateway for you to propose to your beloved with unrivaled style and elegance.

In order to orchestrate this emotional crescendo, every proposal must encompass three distinct stages. First, the SUSPENSE STAGE, which rattles your partner's senses and leaves her in delightful anticipation of the unknown. Then, the ROMANTIC STAGE, where a sense of relaxation washes over her, gently lowering her defenses. It is during this stage, set against the backdrop of the initial suspense, that a captivating "romantic bubble" forms, creating an intimate and enchanting atmosphere. Finally, the grand finale arrives: the APOTHEOSIS, an awe-inspiring climax that unleashes a torrent of emotions, straight out of the pages of the most spellbinding fairy tales.


As for my other secrets, which are subtle and inventive, I reserve them exclusively for YOUR marriage proposal in Paris...


In my 18-year career, I have had the distinct privilege of orchestrating over 2000 mesmerizing marriage proposals. Among my esteemed clientele, you'll find an impressive roster of VIPs, including heads of state, renowned actors, billionaires, American icons, charismatic TV hosts, and other internationally celebrated figures. It is with great pride and honor that I have shared in their most intimate moments.

If you are eager to harness the wealth of my proposal expertise in Paris, I invite you to immerse yourself in my mesmerizing catalog. Each proposal scenario is meticulously designed to capture the essence of romance and leave an indelible mark on your journey towards eternal love.


Should you have any inquiries or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via email at or by WhatsApp at +33 6 03 15 37 06. I am here to transform your dreams into an enchanting reality.


"I promise that the memories from your Paris proposal will last forever, and even more!"

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