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 Paris Engagement Photographer: 5 Tips to Find the Best One 

By Nicolas | May 30, 2023 

Imagine the moment when you kneel before the love of your life, asking her to spend the rest of their life with you. This fleeting moment is filled with intense emotions, and you absolutely want to have a Paris proposal captured in photographs. However, this moment lasts only a few seconds, even though the emotions accompanying it last a lifetime. So, how can you capture a moment of infinite tenderness while preserving its spontaneity? Since 2006, we have organized nearly two thousand marriage proposals in Paris and have encountered numerous photographers for smoother flow. Did you know that some of them are overwhelmed by emotions and end up crying with the couples? It is touching, no doubt, but it is far from professional. A marriage proposal photographer, while needing to be relaxed, must also be capable of adapting to the countless components involved in a declaration of love and not feel overwhelmed. Here, we provide you with five tips to find the perfect photographer for your wedding proposal in Paris.

1. Prefer sunset or nighttime over daytime.

Paris engagement photographer at Place Vendôme


When it comes to choosing the perfect moment for your wedding engagement, prioritizing sunset or nighttime can add a magical and romantic dimension to your experience. Forget about the traditional photo sessions you may have seen or experienced in the past because a marriage proposal is a unique event that deserves a different approach. You may have observed that the majority of ApoteoSurprise-organized proposal packages take place in the early evening or after nightfall. This is especially true for our most popular packages, such as the one with a limousine and a love message displayed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the one with Cinderella's carriage appearing in Place Vendôme, or the one with a thousand red roses falling from the sky during a dinner cruise on the Seine.

There is a simple reason why sunset or nighttime are often chosen for Paris engagements: darkness creates an intimate and mysterious atmosphere that is perfectly suited for a moment filled with emotions. Imagine yourself under a star-studded sky, while the Paris city lights gently illuminate the horizon. This romantic ambiance will add an extra touch of enchantment to your proposal.


Additionally, selecting sunset or nighttime provides distinct photographic opportunities. The low light conditions allow the photographer to play with light effects, contrasts, and reflections, creating captivating and emotional images. The warm colors of sunset or the soft lighting of the night can add an artistic dimension to your photos, making them even more special and memorable.

The photographer you choose to capture the "yes" moment when you go down on one knee should fully understand these concepts, have the necessary equipment, and have experience in the described conditions. The idea is to use a powerful yet slim camera to capture the details of a scene in very low light conditions without compromising the colors and nocturnal ambiance.

2. An engagement photographer has NO connection to a wedding photographer.

Paris engagement photographer on Seine river


To follow the first tip, it is important that the photographer you select for your marriage proposal in Paris is not solely a wedding photographer. During a wedding, the ceremony and outdoor couple's photos tend to be highly standardized. These photos often bear striking similarities across different weddings, including the couple's posture, poses, gazes, and surroundings. A photographer who specializes in wedding photography often replicates what he is familiar with and has mastered in capturing weddings. However, this approach may hinder the desired outcome, and upon receiving the photos, you might feel as though you had a wedding photoshoot rather than an intimate and romantic declaration of love. Remember, the wedding will come in due time, providing plenty of opportunities to pose before a photographer who specializes in weddings.


It is essential to recognize that photography is a multifaceted profession, and photographers often specialize in specific fields. An architectural photographer, for instance, approaches his work and possesses a different skill set and experience compared to a wedding photographer, wildlife photographer, or even a portrait photographer. Surprisingly, a wedding photographer will not necessarily excel at capturing the moment when you reveal the engagement ring and pop the question, any more than a culinary photographer would. During a wedding, the photographer immortalizes the union of a couple, while during a surprise proposal, the photographer aims to capture raw emotions and the soaring journey of love.


Hence, it is crucial to verify that the photographer you choose has considerable experience in the realm of marriage proposals. Don't hesitate to request his portfolio and ensure that the emotions are vividly conveyed in his captures. If the displayed photos fail to evoke the desired emotions within you, feel free to reach out to another professional who aligns more closely with your vision and personality.

3. Avoid any marriage proposal during a photo shoot.

Engagement photographer in Paris with fireworks


Half a decade ago, flash mobs were the popular choice for declaring one's love, although this form of celebration was far from what women truly desire. Subsequently, the trend shifted towards Paris rooftop proposals. However, in the past two or three years, a significant number of uninformed people have been eager to propose in hastily arranged cardboard settings along the banks of the Seine. Once again, this is simply a trend driven by a singular objective: capturing picturesque photos to showcase to friends or share on social media. Such proposals lack the necessary scripting and staging that are crucial for creating the much-coveted emotional rollercoaster. Without this emotional journey, the essence of the wedding proposal is depleted, reducing it to a mere photo session resembling a traditional paris wedding shoot. This brings us back to the previously mentioned point: a marriage proposal is distinct from a wedding! If your beloved merely encounters a staged proposal setup, she immediately discerns what is transpiring. The enchantment and enigma dissipate. Einstein once remarked, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; it is the source of all true art and science". So, do you truly want your beloved to miss out on the most poignant moment of her existence?

To ensure that your beloved is captivated and wide-eyed with wonder during her proposal, it is essential to craft an authentic experience. Embrace the moment and walk hand in hand through the minutes. If the scenario unfolds successfully, you will be completely immersed in the moment. However, if you find yourself in a contrived setting created solely for photo opportunities, you commit a misstep that undermines the intended impact. Picture the scene: a staged arrangement awaits you, a photographer positioned three meters away, and you standing amidst the setting like an inanimate object among others. Your beloved, already aware of the impending proposal, will spend the most precious moments of her life posing before the camera.

In contrast to a wedding, where couples fret over every detail (the caterer, the entertainment, ill-advised comments from an overly inebriated brother-in-law, the photo session, and so forth), a marriage proposal should feel like floating on a cloud. What makes the proposal truly beautiful is the absence of stress for the young woman, evoking pure emotions reminiscent of her childhood. If the proposal occurs within a photo shoot, the magic dissipates, and the dreams of a Prince Charming fade away. Have you ever witnessed a princess being proposed to during a photo session in a romantic tale or a Disney movie?

4. During your surprise marriage proposal, pay no attention to the photographer.

Paris engagement photographer in Montmartre


It is imperative that the photographer you hire remains as discreet as possible. In fact, neither you nor your beloved should see them during the event. The camera should be equipped with a long focal length lens, and the photographer should keep his distance. It is his responsibility to adapt to your marriage proposal, not the other way around. At no point should you strike a pose or position yourself solely to anticipate the photographer's framing. Let me emphasize: at NO point should you be preoccupied with the photos!


If the photographer is experienced and skilled, he will choose a location that ensures capturing magnificent shots while adapting to you. The photographer should blend into the surroundings as an unobtrusive witness. He should never interfere in the most exquisite moment of your love life.

A wedding proposal is an absolute dream that, in principle, is experienced only once. Do not, under any circumstances, spoil the purest and most powerful emotions of your relationship. In fact, rather than a traditional photographer, it would be beneficial to consider a paparazzo, someone accustomed to capturing fleeting moments and seizing them discreetly. The skill of a paparazzo lies in his ability to anticipate and capture moments in an instant, make quick adjustments, and choose the perfect vantage point for capturing photos. A paparazzo will also know how to identify the precise moment when your emotions are most visible and genuine in the shots.

We invite you to discover the photos of our marriage proposal scenario in the charming streets of Montmartre. During the entire experience, from the lead-up to the decisive "yes," the couple never caught a glimpse of the photographer! It is crucial for the photographer to remain concealed and unnoticed until the pivotal moment when the knee touches the ground. At that precise instant, your beloved will be so overwhelmed with emotions that she won't even perceive the presence of the professional. Even if there are onlookers during the proposal, the Paris engagement photographer and bystanders will blend into the background, appearing distant, appearing distant from the vibrant cloud upon which you and your partner will float.


Only when you are on bended knee can the photographer discreetly approach. After the "yes" has been uttered and you both embrace, the professional can reveal himself. It is only at this specific moment that your sweetheart will become aware of the photographer's presence. You can then pose for a few memorable shots, but the photography session should not exceed five minutes. Once your girlfriend becomes your fiancée, you will find yourself desiring one thing above all: to extend the enchantment by going to a charming restaurant, an unconventional venue, or perhaps one of the romantic hotels we recommend in another article.


Once again, after the proposal has taken place, the photography session should not exceed five minutes of your precious time. When it comes to your marriage proposal, never allow thoughts of the photographs to occupy your mind. NEVER. If you desire keepsake photos of this declaration of love, engage a Paris engagement photographer who genuinely comprehends your intentions and appreciates the intricacies of this intimate event. An unsuitable photographer may try to prolong the session, turning it into a simple Paris photo shoot, causing the magic to dissipate like a deflating soufflé. Focus on your beloved and disregard the opinions of friends and social media. The emotions and excitement surrounding a wedding proposal are too precious to be taken for granted.

5. Negotiate the prices.

Paris engagement photographer at Palais-Royal Garden


Let's revisit the previous points: a surprise proposal is not just a wedding or a photo session. Hiring a photographer without the necessary skills and experience in this field will result in him relying on his typical practices, which may not align with your best interests.


A photographer capturing your Paris engagement cannot adhere to a fixed package or pricing list. Charging by the hour or pre-determining the number of photos to be delivered is not appropriate. An unscrupulous wedding photographer or one who fails to grasp your intentions might demand €1500. An opportunistic photographer, viewing your event as a profit opportunity, may ask for €500 to €600. These rates are excessively high.


The involvement and approach of a photographer for a marriage proposal are distinct. Within a brief timeframe, he must capture and convey the essence of the moment, showcasing the epitome of his expertise. An excellent marriage proposal photographer in Paris typically charges between €180 and €200, provided his presence is required for no more than an hour. If he is competent, he will promptly deliver the most impactful and representative photos of your declaration of love within 48 hours. Whether there are 10, 20, 25, 30, or more photos, each one is considered meaningful by the photographer. Embrace his approach, refrain from requesting unreleased photos, and, above all, place your trust in him. For these reasons, it is crucial to meticulously select the Paris engagement photographer who will immortalize the most significant moment in your love life. Once you have made your decision, let go of any concerns and cherish every moment you spend with your beloved.


If you would like to have a photographer capture your Paris proposal, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We can connect you with skilled professionals who have genuine expertise in this area. You will have the opportunity to coordinate directly with the photographer you select, without any interference from us. Photography is not directly related to our specialization in planning unique and memorable marriage proposals in Paris, so it's entirely up to you to decide whether not to include a photographer. Our main focus is to ensure that you create the most marvelous, unforgettable, and enchanting moment of your beloved's life!

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