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In the afternoon, your beloved's closest confidante will present an offer that simply cannot be refused—a rare and exclusive opportunity available only once a year: a private, complimentary visit to one of Paris's iconic theaters. This singular and ephemeral experience will be portrayed as an event not to be missed, particularly for those who possess a deep appreciation for art and culture.

The two young women will venture to the renowned theater, its majestic facade providing a tantalizing glimpse of the splendor that lies within. Stepping into a softly illuminated foyer, shrouded in an air of mystique, they will encounter an unexpected surprise—they will find themselves completely alone. There will be no other visitors in sight. The only presence will be the guide, whose contagious enthusiasm will be evident from the very outset (in reality, a skilled improvisational actress). She will extend a warm welcome, promising to reveal the secrets enshrouding this esteemed venue during the course of their exclusive tour.


Embarking on an exploration of the opulent edifice, they will traverse a narrow corridor adorned with motionless portraits of former luminaries of the stage. However, their attention will be instantly captivated by a fleeting movement in the distance. They will catch a glimpse of an enigmatic figure—a man draped in black trousers, a pristine white shirt, a mask concealing his countenance, and a billowing dark cape. He will fleetingly materialize before swiftly vanishing like an elusive flash. The guide, who happened to be momentarily diverted at the time of his apparition, will admit to witnessing nothing, emphasizing how the grandeur and history of the establishment can sometimes play tricks on intrepid visitors.


Undeterred, the women will press forward, navigating the labyrinthine enchantment of the theater. At intermittent intervals, they will catch fleeting glimpses of the masked figure—motionless, observing them from afar or concealed behind a curtain, his enigmatic silhouette teasingly revealed. Like a cunning feline, the mysterious man will deftly slink from one location to another. Each time the women attempt to draw closer, he will elude their grasp, melting into the darkness like a mystical shadow, leaving them with an uncanny sensation...


After a time, the intrepid explorers will reach the hallowed backstage area of the opera, where a feverish calm prevails. Their resounding steps echoing upon the polished wooden floor, they will enter the sanctum of the artists' dressing rooms—spaces suffused with an intimate ambiance where mirrors, costumes, and lingering traces of makeup evoke the meticulous preparations undertaken by actors before they grace the stage. However, your beloved, feeling a touch apprehensive, will find her thoughts wandering... What could be happening? Why has she been brought here?


Continuing their odyssey, the trio will encounter a grand staircase of imposing stature. Just as they prepare to ascend its steps, their ascent will be interrupted by the sudden appearance of the costumed man, poised behind the wrought-iron railings, regarding them with penetrating eyes before vanishing into the ethereal heights of the theater. This time, even the guide will bear witness to the spectacle, though her explanation will be veiled in ambiguity. Her voice quivering, she will allude to the persistent rumors surrounding a phantom that purportedly haunts the labyrinthine depths of the edifice. The atmosphere of enigma will thicken, ensnaring the two friends in an intoxicating web of intrigue as their journey unfolds...


Ascending the steps with unwavering resolve, the women will reach the theater's upper tier—a domain reserved for the eminent—a place where resplendent proscenium boxes await. Meanwhile, the strains of an opera will steadily crescendo, suffusing the air with an exhilarating grandeur. Elaborate doors adorned with opulence will swing open, revealing a breathtaking tableau of the auditorium. Scarlet seats, flawlessly aligned, adorn gilded balconies resplendent with delicate sculptures and baroque motifs, while a magnificent chandelier hangs suspended from the ceiling. Pray that the grand chandelier remains securely in place...


From the vantage point of the private boxes, the young women will luxuriate in an unobstructed view of the stage, where a virtuoso pianist and an opera singer, bedecked in opulent attire, will grace the limelight. Their impassioned rendition of "Voi che sapete" (Mozart) will soar through the air, filling the expanse with an intoxicating potency that transports the discreet observers to sublime heights. However, the spellbinding performance will be abruptly interrupted as the phantom makes yet another appearance, concealed within a neighboring box. Undoubtedly, a shiver will course through your beloved's spine as her gaze locks with his hypnotic eyes...


Sensing the impending disquietude, the guide will implore her charges to vacate the premises, hastening their descent down the staircase. The two friends will struggle to keep pace. On the ground floor, with resolute determination, the guide will swing open a grand door, revealing the grandeur and awe-inspiring majesty of the auditorium in one sweeping motion. Almost instantly, she will close the door once more, as if seeking refuge from an imminent threat. Irresistibly drawn by the ever-intensifying music, the women will gradually approach the stage, swept away by the rapturous surge of lyrical ascendancy. The resounding notes will reverberate with an escalating power, permeating every fiber of their beings, evoking a whirlwind of profound emotions. As they draw nearer to the epicenter of the melodic outpouring, the very air will become palpable, throbbing with an enthralling energy.


However, the opera singer, seized by a sudden terror, will freeze in place, casting a fearful glance to her left before emitting a piercing scream that sends shivers cascading down the spines of all in attendance. Overwhelmed by the unspeakable horror that confronts her, she will succumb to unconsciousness, soon followed by the pianist, who will also faint. It is precisely at this juncture that the Phantom of the Opera will grace the stage with his deliberate and silent steps.


In a theatrical flourish, the man will produce a crimson rose from within his voluminous cape, meticulously removing his mask to unveil his visage, which until now has remained shrouded in enigma. And there, the truth will be revealed—it is you, the Phantom of the Opera! A hallowed hush will envelop the theater, as the synchronized beating of your heart and that of your beloved echoes through the space. Genuflecting upon the stage, you will intone solemn words and extend a heartfelt plea for your beloved's hand in marriage. In an echo laden with poignant emotion, she will respond with unwavering conviction, "Yes!"


In an eruption of unbridled joy and astonishment, the opera singer and pianist will awaken from their unconscious stupor, erupting into fervent applause for the long-awaited denouement. United in their shared passion, they will embark on an impassioned rendition of "Ave Maria" (Gounod), engulfing the audience in a tempest of profound sentiments.


As the melody resonates throughout the hall, your guide will approach, bearing a tray adorned with shimmering champagne flutes, allowing you to savor the brilliance of the moment you have just shared.

Naturally, it must be emphasized that throughout this extraordinary odyssey, it is a consummate actor who will bring the enigmatic Phantom of the Opera to life, perpetuating the intrigue and excitement with each mesmerizing appearance. Meanwhile, concealed discreetly at the left side of the stage, you will be attired identically to the actor, awaiting the opportune moment to make your grand entrance.

Engagement ring for a wedding proposal

Included in the package:

  • The privatization of a Parisian theater for four hours, including a sound and lighting technician.

  • The performance of two actors (guide and phantom) specialized in theatrical improvisation.

  • The musical interpretation of two songs by a soprano singer and a pianist.

  • The costume of the phantom, which you will be able to keep.

  • The rose and the bottle of champagne.


Price of the package: 9990 euros


Experience having an average duration of 45 minutes.

Eiffel Tower

Demande en mariage avec le Fantôme de l'Opéra
Mozart Voi che sapete che cosa e amore (Cecilia Bartoli) subtitles spa eng ita.wmv

Mozart Voi che sapete che cosa e amore (Cecilia Bartoli) subtitles spa eng ita.wmv

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