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At 8pm, an exquisite white Excalibur, chauffeur-driven, will gracefully pull up in front of your beloved's hotel or accomodation. Stepping out of the vehicle will be none other than her best friend! As she joins your sweetheart, an air of intrigue will envelop the scene, for the friend bears news of a mysterious outing awaiting her. Your beloved will be caught off guard by this unexpected invitation. Settling into the plush and elegant seats of the Excalibur, the engine will emit a gentle purr as the car smoothly glides away, embarking on a captivating journey through the enchanting neighborhoods of Paris. Suspense will heighten, yet the true adventure will only just begin...

In the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, the vehicle will enter a grand building spanning 8,000 square meters across seven floors—an erstwhile garage renowned among Parisians—entirely reserved for this momentous occasion. As the gates open, a dimly lit and utterly vacant space will be revealed. Weathered concrete walls, bearing the marks of time, will exude an aura of austerity. Majestic pillars emerging from the shadows will loom, almost menacingly. A faint glow will softly illuminate the contours of the room, teasing intriguing forms. Amidst this unusual atmosphere, your partner, captivated yet unsettled, will ponder what awaits her in this unconventional place, a blend of anticipation and apprehension swirling within her, although her friend's comforting smiles will provide solace.


Floor by floor, the Excalibur will ascend, steadily making its way to the first floor, then, with an air of mystique and deliberation, ascending to the second floor. Yet, no signs of life will be found. Only an oppressive silence and an eerily deserted ambiance will prevail.


Upon reaching the third floor, still nothing.


As the vehicle reaches the fourth floor, a figure will emerge—clad entirely in black, astride a sleek black motorcycle. A trap, one might suspect? The enigmatic motorcyclist, with an unsettling demeanor, will rev the engine, causing a thunderous roar to reverberate throughout the garage, abruptly shattering the previous silence. Displaying remarkable dexterity, the motorcyclist will embark on a breathtaking spectacle. Daring wheelies will lift the front wheel of the motorcycle skyward, while controlled skids will leave rubber marks on the garage floor, permeating the air with the scent of burnt rubber. Gravity-defying jumps will be executed with precision, descending back to earth with millimeter accuracy. With disconcerting confidence, the motorcyclist will weave a tapestry of acrobatic maneuvers, intertwining wheelies with sideways slides. The sharp turns and masterful drifts will embrace the contours of the car, creating the illusion of a high-risk choreography between man and machine.


The heart of your beloved will race, her gaze fixed upon the audacious motorcyclist. A surge of electricity will charge the air as the motorcyclist, positioned about twenty meters away, stares intently at the car, immobile, his radiant headlights piercing through the darkness. And then, with a defiant gesture, he will twist the throttle, causing the engine to roar with astonishing intensity. Accelerating at full power towards the car, an exhilarating rush of adrenaline will ensue! Just as he reaches the vehicle, the motorcyclist will finally approach your beloved, handing her a rose before mysteriously vanishing into the shadows of the garage. The unperturbed Excalibur chauffeur will offer no solace. However, through the rose, your partner will realize that the motorcyclist's presence wasn't solely meant to instill fear...


In reality, the motorcyclist who performed these awe-inspiring stunts will be none other than France's most renowned motorcycle stuntman, celebrated for his daring feats in two James Bond films ("Tomorrow Never Dies" and "Skyfall"), two Batman films ("The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises"), and "Mission: Impossible 6"!


With the threat now dispelled, the Excalibur will once again spring to life, its headlights illuminating the path as it ascends to the fifth floor. Amidst the near-total darkness, the car will forge ahead, resolute in its mission to uncover the mysteries concealed in the dimly lit heights of the building. Then, the vehicle will come to a halt, its headlights fading into darkness.


Before the car, Elvis will materialize from the obscurity, appearing suddenly in all his resplendence! Radiant beams of light will envelop him, illuminating his silhouette and causing his glittering attire to shimmer. A visual miracle will unfold as the hologram of the legendary singer comes alive, seemingly tangible, pulsating with energy and emotion! Addressing your beloved directly, Elvis will call her by name and announce that he has returned from the realm of the departed to perform one of his beloved hits, "Don't Be Cruel". Your sweetheart will be left speechless, her wide eyes conveying sheer astonishment at this utterly improbable encounter!


However, the King's performance will be unexpectedly interrupted by the unanticipated arrival of the motorcyclist's hologram. The two men will exchange a playful pat on the back, banter, and behave as though they have been long-time friends. Then, with a sudden motion, the motorcyclist's hologram will remove his helmet, revealing his true identity. To your partner's great surprise, it will be unveiled that you are the enigmatic motorcyclist! Your beloved will be left utterly flabbergasted, unable to believe her own eyes!


Observing the unsuitable attire of your hologram, Elvis will kindly suggest that it needs a change. Your hologram will briefly fade away, only to reappear in an instant, impeccably dressed in a stylish suit. At that moment, Elvis will turn to your sweetheart and inform her that your hologram has something special to say. Brimming with emotion, your hologram will deliver a heartfelt speech, expressing the profound love and joy you feel in her presence. With grace and devotion, it will then kneel before her, initiating the long-awaited marriage proposal... Tears welling up in her eyes, your beloved will respond with an emphatic "yes!" and your hologram will step aside, allowing you to appear "in the flesh" near the vehicle! As you both stand there, overwhelmed by indescribable emotions, the world around you seemingly frozen in time, Elvis will serenade you with the poignant melody of "Can't Help Falling In Love", each word resonating with the power of your love. This extraordinary moment will firmly seal your destiny and mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey together!


With utmost discretion, your beloved's friend will leave the vehicle, allowing you to take her place for one final short ride. The luxurious car will carry you just a few dozen meters away to the entrance of a panoramic terrace, adorned with exquisite flowers and flickering candles. Perched high above the city, commanding a breathtaking view of the sparkling Eiffel Tower, you will share an intimate candlelit dinner for two. The table will be delicately decorated, bathed in the soft glow of candlelight. There, you can lose yourselves in each other's gaze, savoring and reliving every moment of your incredible surprise...

As the evening draws to a close, the Excalibur will serenely transport you back to your home or hotel, adding a final touch of comfort and elegance to the unforgettable experience you have just shared.

Engagement ring for a wedding proposal

Included in the package:

  • The round trip in a Excalibur from your hotel/accommodation (Paris/neighboring towns) and the garage.

  • The privatization of an 8,000 square meter garage.

  • The video capture of the scene between the Elvis impersonator and yourself, and the production of a holographic film.

  • The installation of the projection structure and the 3D holographic video broadcast.

  • The performance by the motorcycle stuntman.

  • The decoration of the terrace and the candlelit dinner with wine and champagne.


Price of the package: 70.000 euros


Experience having an average duration of 3 hours, including transport, starting at 8pm.

Eiffel Tower
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