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From the American continent, a device displaying your marriage proposal message (along with your photo if desired) and presenting your engagement ring will be affixed to a weather balloon and released into the sky by professionals in the field of space exploration.


The system will be equipped with video capture equipment to film the message and the surrounding landscape during the entire flight, from launch to the spectacular arrival in the stratosphere.

After two or three hours, the balloon will reach an altitude of approximately 30 kilometers, and the last footage will be shot with the stunning blue planet in the background. Your beloved will be left completely awestruck by the breathtaking sight!


The balloon will then explode, a parachute will deploy, and the video equipment will descend back to Earth. The device will be retrieved, and using the footage captured, a high-definition video will be edited and sent to you. You will be able to share with your partner the extraordinary space flight of your message of love among the stars. Whether your sweetheart watches the film in a movie theater or in the comfort of your living room, one thing is certain: she will be completely amazed by what she sees!

Out of the billions of humans who have populated Earth across the ages, you will be among the few to have proposed in space...

Engagement ring for a wedding proposal

Included in the package:

  • The launch, in the stratosphere, of a device presenting your engagement ring and displaying the message of your choice (with a photo if you wish so). 

  • The video capture of the flight and the video editing in HD.


Price of the package: 4990 euros

Demande en mariage dans la stratosphère
Demande en mariage dans la stratosphère

Demande en mariage dans la stratosphère

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