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At the end of the morning, you and your beloved will stroll hand in hand through the winding paths of a contemporary Parisian park, flanked by stylish neighborhoods, the Seine riverbanks, and a vast orangery.


As you wander through the park's verdant landscape, you will come across a towering envelope of a tethered balloon. With a excitement, you'll approach it.

Once you arrive at the balloon, you'll give your name to the receptionist and climb into the circular gondola, completely alone with your beloved. The pilot will cast off, and you'll slowly ascend into the air, the panoramic terrace offering you a 360-degree view of Paris that will leave you breathless.

As the wind carries you higher, the basket will stabilize at 150 meters above the city. From the streets of Paris, tens of thousands of people will gaze up at you, but at this moment, Paris will be yours alone... Time will seem to stand still...


Suddenly, a winged angel will materialize, swooping down to approach your beloved. She will offer your beloved a deck of magical cards, inviting her to choose one at random. Your sweetheart, mesmerized, will select a card, and the angel will pull out a silk scarf to delicately blindfold her. The winged angel will take the card and get her lips close to your partner's ear, starting to whisper the poem. The poem can be selected from our pre-writter selection, or you can write your own. 


The angel's voice will float on the breeze, its words a symphony of romance. The reading will be punctuated by an irresistible "JE T'AIME" sending shivers down your sweetheart's spine. When the poem is finished, a rose will be placed in your partner's hand, the silk scarf removed, and as she opens her eyes, she will see you down on one knee, ready to ask her to be your partner for life. It will be a moment of pure magic!


To celebrate your enchanting proposal in the sky, the angel will pour you a glass of champagne, the bubbles a toast to your eternal love...

Engagement ring for a wedding proposal

Included in the package:

  • The privatization of a hot air balloon during 15 minutes.

  • The performance of an actress reading the poem of your choice. 

  • The red rose and the two glasses of champagne.


Price of the package: 990 euros


Experience having an average duration of 15 minutes, with a flight beginning at 11:45am.


Experience depending on weather conditions.

Eiffel Tower
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