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On the big day, as the clock strikes 5 pm, you and your beloved will stroll hand in hand along the paved alleys of the Sacré-Cœur area, feeling a mixture of anticipation and excitement. You can't wait to see what the evening holds and how your partner will react to the surprises you have in store...

As you step off the funicular near Nadar square, your attention will be caught by Michel, a talented portrait artist who will approach you with a proposal to create a stunning pencil drawing of your beloved. Without hesitation, you will agree, and your partner will gracefully pose in front of the artist as he begins to work his magic. You'll watch in awe as Michel's pencil strokes create a lifelike portrait of your loved one, capturing her essence and beauty. Michel will brighten up his performance with an ounce of humor, making you both laugh and feel at ease.


As he finishes the sketch, you'll notice a mischievous glint in his eye as he adds a curious detail to the portrait - a key-shaped pendant around your partner's neck. With a smile, the artist will explain that this piece of jewelry symbolizes the "key to happiness" in Montmartre, and you'll feel a sense of wonder at the coincidence.

After greeting the artist, you'll stroll down the picturesque pedestrian street, feeling the buzz of the lively atmosphere around you. The charming Place du Tertre will capture your attention, with its artists and street performers entertaining the crowds. From there, you'll continue along Rue Norvins, which is dotted with souvenir shops, and take a right onto Rue des Saules, feeling the thrill of exploring a new place together. This serene alleyway is home to a gypsy, who sits on the sidewalk and sells jewels and charms that supposedly possess extraordinary powers. Some promise eternal beauty, while others ensure good fortune and even... love and happiness!


The mysterious woman, who turns out to be an expert actress with the gift of improvisation, will invite you to indulge in a palmistry reading for your partner, an offer you won't be able to resist. During the reading, the woman will astound you by guessing your sweetheart's astrological sign and favorite color, leaving you both amazed and amused. She will then reveal that only one of her precious jewels is suitable for your beloved: a key-shaped pendant, just like the one in the portrait! You'll feel a rush of excitement as you pretend to be surprised when you recognize the jewel and show her the pencil drawing. In an incredible coincidence, the woman will offer the pendant to your partner, and you'll feel a sense of joy at this magical moment...

As you leave the gypsy behind, you'll head down Rue des Saules and take a left onto Rue de l'Abreuvoir, feeling the warm glow of the sunset enveloping you. There, you'll spot a mysterious figure sprinting up the street in a state of panic, repeatedly scanning his surroundings as if checking for pursuers. As he reaches you, he'll pull a wrapped package from his jacket and hand it to your beloved with an air of desperation before whispering « This is for you » and disappearing as swiftly as he arrived...


As you stand outside the Consulat café, your curiosity piqued by the mysterious package in your hands, your heart will race with excitement. Your partner will gingerly unwrap it, revealing a small wooden box secured with a tiny padlock. The design of the lock will catch your eye, as it mirrors the key-shaped pendant that hangs around her neck. With trembling hands, she'll insert the pendant into the lock, turning it with a satisfying click that sends a shiver down her spine. As she lifts the lid, she'll find a parchment inside, emblazoned with a message - your marriage proposal, written in eloquent, heartfelt language. The surprise will take her breath away, leaving her giddy with delight and disbelief!

To celebrate your newly betrothed status, a waiter from the Consulat will approach you moments later, bearing a stunning bouquet of red roses and two flutes of champagne. The bubbles will tickle your noses as you toast to your future together, savoring the surreal magic of the moment...

Engagement ring for a wedding proposal

Included in the package:

  • The performance of two costumed actors mastering the skill of improvisation.

  • The pencil drawing of your beloved.

  • The key-shaped pendant and the box.

  • The parchment with the message of your choice handwritten by a professional calligrapher (antique paper sealed with wax).

  • The bouquet of roses and the two glasses of champagne at the Consulat café.


Price of the package: 1290 euros


Experience having an average duration of 30 minutes, with a meeting of the portraitist at 5pm at the exit of the funicular.


So that your beloved doesn't get suspicious, please foresee 50 euros to pay the portraitist.

Eiffel Tower

Demande en mariage dans les rues de Montmartre
Demande en mariage à Paris dans les ruelles de Montmartre

Demande en mariage à Paris dans les ruelles de Montmartre

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Demande en mariage à Paris dans les ruelles de Paris

Demande en mariage à Paris dans les ruelles de Paris

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