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Your Engagement 101 (États-Unis)

Proposals in Space.

Well, it’s not actually in space but it’s still pretty awesome and one guy from France will pull off an out of this world proposal on Valentine’s Day.

Basically, the company ApoteoSurprise will send up a weather balloon like device up into space with cameras filming your proposal message as it rises further and further into the atmosphere. Once it reaches a certain altitude, the balloon will explode, sending the equipment to the ground to be gathered later. When you play the tape for your sweetie, you’ll have some pretty awesome pictures of the proposal with even a shot of our planet in the background.

The cost? Only 4900 Euros and apparently many couples have used this method and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

But if space really isn’t your “thing,” never fear. This Europe-based company has 30 scenarios for you to choose from when it comes to proposals and grand sweeping gestures.

Would you propose in outer space?

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