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Why not propose in Paris ?

Ready to pop the question? Why not do it in Paris?

Let’s face it boys: all those chick-flicks have set the bar pretty high. Popping the question via stadium scoreboard doesn’t quite cut it. Roses and candle-light - too cliché. But have no fear. Paris-based company ApoteoSurprise has come to the rescue of the 2 million couples who seek romance in the City of Lights each year. The company specializes in producing the kind of romance one can only find in a Nicholas Sparks novel. Ancient castles, multiple-course, private dinners and fairytale-like settings are the staples of what the company has to offer.

But it’s not all candlelit mush.

Whether your honey is into daredevil car tricks or art museums, ApoteoSurprise has got you covered with more than 40 different unique scenarios to express your love. And the best part? Your sweetie never has to know that you didn’t plan it all yourself.

According to Nicolas Garreau, the company’s manager, most people who get in touch with him can use all the help they can get. When he asks clients what they want, they almost always give the same answer: "‘It must be outstanding. It must be unique, astonishing,’" he said. "But when you ask clients, ‘Well what do you precisely want?" they don’t have an answer," Garreau said. "That’s why ApoteoSurprise answers the questions."

A customer favorite is "on the wings of an airplane," he said. The adventure begins mid-morning when the couple is whisked from their hotel in a 1967 Fleetwood Cadillac and taken to a private airport. After receiving the red carpet treatment, the private plane embarks on an aerial tour of some of France’s many castles. And then, suddenly, another plane swoops in alongside the aircraft and drops, providing a clear view of the message written on its wings.

Other scenarios are more imaginative. One encounter centers on meeting Lieutenant Columbo at a French castle. In another, a futuristic cyborg delivers the profession of love via video screen. In most cases, clients find something more than suitable among ApoteoSurpries’40-or-so suggested scenarios, he said. But the company can also tailor an experience to your liking. "If the client suggests a variant of one surprise... we can discuss with our partners how to adapt the surprises to the special request," he said.

Although the company typically caters to couples, ApoteoSurprise is willing to help plan any type of love declaration, Garreau said. One family, for example, used ApoteoSurprise to plan a "thank you" for their parents. Garreau said the company’s popularity is growing in the American market, particularly in New York and California. July, August and September seem to be the choice months because airfare is lower, he said.

And with packages running anywhere between 990 Euros and 6,990 Euros, bargain airfare is a definite plus. On the Net :

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