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More romance from Nicolas Garreau.

It’s a year to the day since Nicolas Garreau orchestrated the most romantic marriage proposal from space for a young Parisian couple. ApoteoSurprise, Garreau’s company, displayed a picture of the couple and the proposal message on a translucent acrylic strip attached to a giant helium-filled balloon.

Professionals operating in the space exploration area released the balloon in the sky.

They supplied the set with video recording equipment that filmed the message and the surrounding scenery during the entire flight, that is, from the launch to its arrival in space.

After a couple of hours, the message reached an altitude of 30 kilometres and they shot the last footage with the earth in the background.

The balloon blew up, and a parachute opened up letting the video equipment fall back to earth.

Now a year later, ApoteoSurprise is at it again, but this time with a proposal package closer to home. They have titled his year’s package “Say I love you from a movie theatre”.

The intended target of the proposal will go to a movie theatre, accompanied by one of their friends.

To make the setting feel as realistic as possible, there will be a few other people in the cinema, supposedly there to watch the film.

It starts routinely, dimmed light, movie trailers and adverts. However when the movie begins, it shows the person proposing as the lead actor and documents his journey to the proposal (at home getting dressed, buying the ring, etc.).

The film continues until he/she is in the cinema on bended knee asking their significant other for their hand.

Another surprise in the package is that the other people in the cinema are the friends and family of the couple who took part in the proposal from the beginning.

It may not be an outer-space proposal, but it is still unique and very romantic.

In the past 8 years since the company’s inception, they have helped plan proposals for over 1,200 couples from all over the world.

ApoteoSurprise has a total 30 all-inclusive proposal packages, which include a Cinderella’s carriage appearing at Place Vendôme with a magical glass slipper, a messenger dove delivering a love letter, and a shower of 1,000 red roses fully covering a yacht during a VIP dinner-cruise on Seine River.

Others include a limousine tour with a personalised message appearing on a giant LED screen at the Eiffel Tower and even a private aerial patrol drawing a white smoke heart in the Parisian sky.

They say Paris is one of the most romantic places on earth and there is no better way to say I love you, with the help of Garreau and his team during a romantic getaway in Paris.

Faith Haushona-Kavamba

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