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Wedding Strategies (États-Unis)

Unique proposals with ApoteoSurprise.

If you’ve been racking you’re brains out in search of a unique way of proposing to your significant other, through a way which is so breathtaking that she’ll be swept of her knees and say a resounding yes, there is one service provider online which offers you the opportunity to propose in romantic ways, and no less than in the city of lights, Paris. From skywriting to a shower of rose petals, the online site ApoteoSurprise ensures that your proposal will be memorable, to say the least.

Since a proposal requires an element of surprise in order to be effective, the packages which ApoteoSurprise offers are far from conventional, so your partner will never know what’s in store for her until the actual moment when you declare your proposal. The services offered affords you the opportunity to propose for marriage in the most romantic or grandest way possible, set on the backdrop of the Parisian landscape. There are over forty experiences to choose from, designed to suit different couple personalities. For example, you can choose to have a leisure walk on the streets of Montmarte, and you will encounter chance surprises along the way, culminating to the intended proposal; or you can soar over Disneyland and have your declaration floating in the air right in front of your partner; or you can set up a paparazzi chase and end up in a posh restaurant which is also set up to declare your loving intent.

Each experience is set up so that your partner will think that it is you who is behind the whole arrangement. They will be personalized to serve as the next step in your relationship as a couple, and all the details of the experience will naturally revolve around your eventual declaration. The arrangement will last for no more than half a day. Prior to the set-up, you will be required to stay in Paris or the surrounding towns. The experience will be ushered by the presence of a chauffeured vehicle to escort you to the venue. Keep in mind that during all this time, your partner doesn’t have a thread of a clue as to what’s in store for her. This keeps the excitement mounting up to the point of the actual proposal.

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