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Vaaju (Taïwan)

2018 most romantic suggestions! Take a spacecraft to the moon, diamond ring, a price of 4.4 billion yuan.

The most romantic proposal 2018 appeared! French wedding planning company ApoteoSurprise launched a "moon proposal" trip, so you can suggest a lover on the moon, just to listen to super romantic, but want to get such a marriage proposal, the pocket is not deep enough Can not come to the moon!

According to "cnBeta", the proposal was launched by ApoteoSurprise in France. Founder Nicholas Garreau is an air engineer himself. He built the company in 2006 and the ultimate goal was to "build 1.38 billion. The worst and most surprising proposal for marriage in the past year."

This surprise proposal has a fairly detailed itinerary and lover will leave at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. In the absence of gravity, two people's helmets will play Richard Strauss, "So Spoke Zarathustra, Op. 30", three days later. Will travel smoothly to the lane and fly with the planet at an altitude of 200-300 km, and the bulk of the proposal will take place in the middle of the flight. The company will send Frank Sinatra's "Take Me" for the two. Fly me to the moon, when the melody sounds, the romantic marriage proposal begins. In the plan, the engagement ring will be placed in a blazer. Inside, the last two will enjoy the magnificent sunrise behind the crater as the end of this trip, the whole trip is about a week.

According to reports, this marriage proposal will begin to open online meetings in March 2020 and applicants must receive the company's physical training and 12 weeks of technology after 5 months. Education, the whole trip is priced at 943 million yuan (about 4.3 billion Taiwan dollars), couples will take an unmanned spacecraft to travel the universe, it is reported that the spacecraft course will resemble the orbit of the mythological Apollo 8 mission from 1968, and equipped with 8 cameras to capture every moment of valuable images.

For ApoteoSurprise, this "moon proposal" is just one of their many secret weapons. ApoteoSurprise uses aerospace technology to develop a number of super romantic ways of marrying, like eating a yacht on a yacht. Falling down from "rose rain" formed of 1000 roses, using the air patrol machine to draw a lot of love in the sky, or recreate pumpkins and glass shoes in fairy tales, etc., attracted all romantic and unprecedented marriages. Various heads of state, US actors, Russian billions and other rich people are actively registering.

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