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Vaaju (Argentine)

Romantic walks to the moon.

Romantic millionaires want to surprise their fiancé with an unforgettable experience see can appeal to the French authority ApoteoSurprise, specializing in the organization of extravagant marriage proposals. The new service, available from 2022, includes a trip around the moon that costs around 125 million euros.

A weekly space flight will be performed aboard an autonomous capsule that allows the two lovers to travel alone. The price includes physical exercise and previous 12 weeks exercise; get off at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida; arrival on the moon three days later, with satellite transfer at a height of only 200-300 km; and the interruption of all communication with the earth for 30 minutes, where the capsule flies over the dark side of the moon.

The culminated moment emerges when halfway through the orbital flight begins to let "Fly Me to the Moon" of Frank Sinatra sound in the capsule. This will be the moment when the referee makes his marriage proposal away from any other form of life.

In terms of historical character, it is similar to the path followed by the capsule as the mythical Apollo 8 mission from 1968. The vessel, capable of reaching 38,000 km / h, will be equipped with eight cameras to immortalize the couple's spectacular entry into space history and war of love.

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