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The Sunday Business Post (Irlande)

SO YOU WANT TO... be hopelessly romantic.

What it’s not : A service for the faint of heart.

What it entails: Forget the traditional bended knee proposal and get these French love enthusiasts to orchestrate elaborate declarations on your behalf in Paris. They can project the words ‘‘Will you marry me?” under the Eiffel Tower while you cruise by on a dinner boat, or reveal a love message from an aeroplane’s wings. Get your question written in 100foot letters on a castle as you fly by in a helicopter, or compose a message with hundreds of floating candles in the garden of an abbey.

A wax statue of Valentine can surprisingly come to life in the Musee Grevin and hand your partner a parchment. Or you could immerse yourself in the reconstruction of a historical romantic scenario in a forest.

Before you even get out of bed in your Parisian hotel, a singing quartet can wake you up with a dawn serenade. Or while you dine out in a restaurant your hotel room will be transformed into ‘‘a tiny little tender paradise’’ filled with balloons and teddy bears. Alternatively, dine aboard a luxury private yacht on the River Seine as a shower of one thousand roses will fall from the sky.

Apoteo Surpris says, ‘‘all of our experiences are designed so that your partner will be under the impression that you have conceived and organised the surprise all by yourself.”

ow to do it: Log on to the company’s website, choose the surprise scenario, select which day you wish to declare your fiery passion from the dates available, validate your order and wait for the day to arrive.

How to keep it secret: Make sure all of the e-mail addresses you supply when making your order are not known to or accessed by your partner. They should only know a surprise has been planned when they see the chauffeured vehicle awaiting you both outside your accommodation.

Where to do it: Various locations in Paris.

Contact: ApoteoSurprise,1 rue Jules Verne, 92300 Levallois Perret, France; tel 0033-147301482; or visit (click on the British/ American flag for the site’s English version).

Helen Boylan

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