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The Star-Ledger (États-Unis)

Biz Buzz : firm markets Paris as perfect place to pop the question.

So you work for Lucent Technologies, your job may be moving to France as part of the Alcatel deal and you are planning to ask someone to marry you.

Nice as France is, asking someone to move to another country for you, you better make it one heck of a proposal.

This is where ApoteoSuprise comes in. The travel firm, created in 2005 and based in Europe, helps the romantically challenged plan the perfect proposal while in France.

You pick the surprise, find a date that fits into your busy merger-calendar and ApoteoSuprise does the rest.

How about a projected declaration of your love on the walls of the Notre Dame ?

Or letting your loved one know how much you care by having it on the wings of an airplane or on the big screens of the "Stade de France" ? (That would be the Stadium of France for those who don't speak French)

Feel like a helicopter ride? Your sweetie can view a 90-foot "Will you marry me?" written at the foot of a castle and visible from above.

Lucent-Alcatel is all about telecom gear, but Paris is the city of love.

Sari Kolosky

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