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The Register (États-Unis)

Valentines from the heart : Say ‘I love you’ in a meaningful way.

A new, online company is selling gifts that rise above the tried and true. The Paris-based company, ApoteoSurprise, promises timeless memories with once-in-a-lifetime Valentine’s Day experiences in the city of love.

But let’s face it. We live on Cape Cod, it’s the dead of winter, and most of us can’t afford, financially or time-wise, a mid-week escape to Paris. If you look on the bright side, it’s still early enough to unearth a treasure that will put a gleam of happiness into the eyes of your favorite Valentine. The key is to consider the special affinities of your sweetheart and make haste to the nearest shop, market, museum, theatre, spa, gym — you get the idea — where that perfect, unexpected treasure awaits.

Nicole Muller

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