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The Press (Nouvelle-Zélande)

Fairytale proposal.

Tourists in love can live a fairytale in the City of Light with a marriage proposal in Cinderella’s carriage. Pulled by a majestic white horse, the enchanting vehicle stops every evening near happy lovers in Place Vendome, and a coachman wearing a frock coat invites them to get on board. Once both lovers are on board, a charming and mysterious chocolate shoe is offered to the lady, the wooer specifying that if the shoe fits, it’s a sure sign that she is the one – the princess he was looking for. As the shoe, naturally, fits, the coachman cracks the whip and the carriage sets off for a one-hour stroll in romantic Paris with roses, macaroons and Champagne. One hour later, the two lovers leave the coach at the precise moment when the Eiffel Tower sparkles, embarking then on a boat for a luxury dinner-cruise on the River Seine. The evening ends at 11.59pm – just a minute before the coach turns back into a pumpkin. Titled ‘‘Say I love you in Cinderella’s carriage’’, the experience has just been launched by ApoteoSurprise, the event planner known for spectacular marriage proposals and declarations of love for visitors to Paris. Based near Disneyland Paris, the French company offers, on its

website, about 30 turn-key romantic experiences. They include an aeroplane displaying a marriage proposal on its wings while flying over the Chateau de Versailles, the projection of a huge message of love at the bottom of the Eiffel tower, a limousine tour with a customised message appearing on a giant light board, or even a

shower of 1000 red roses fully covering a yacht during a VIP dinner cruise on the Seine.

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