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The Observer (Grande-Bretagne)

What is the tackiest way to pop the question ?

Whether you prefer to say it with an explosion of balloons from an 11-foot bottle of champagne in the grounds of a chateau or on a billboard posted on a passing truck on the Champs Elysees, you'll find a multitude of OTT ways to say 'I love you' in Paris on For €1,690 (£1,054) for two, you'll return to your hotel room after a romantic dinner to find it has been taken over by 150 teddy bears, all dressed in personalised 'I love you' T shirts.

Better still, €2, 990 (£1,982) gets you a visit to a doll museum where a doll will come to life and present a small piece of parchment to your loved one. According to the website: 'Just like with Pinocchio, a breath of life will run through the tiny doll's body. The doll will call out your sweetheart's name and invite him or her to come to collect the parchment and their favourite song will resonate throughout your smooth cocoon of love.'

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