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The Malta Independent (Malte)

A romantic proposal.

A couple of years ago, Nicholas discovered a survey that said that 80% of women admitted that their marriage proposal was less romantic than they had hoped for. “I observed that 6 million lovers come to Paris, each year, to say ‘I love you’. I said to myself: how is it that so many agencies are working on dating or marriage services, but none of them on marriage proposal services? So, I decided to create an agency to help lovers coming to Paris to declare their love in as romantic a way as possible. And so Apoteosurprise was born”.

He mentions some of the surprises he likes best: “Say I love you in a limousine, a majestic 9 meter Chrysler 300C, surrounded by the lights of the most beautiful monuments of Paris. The lovers will enjoy this drive in a deluxe American limo…before a light board which will display their message of love. On board: champagne, bar, TV, light fibres and visual effects in abundance. The Capital’s dazzling lights will lead you little by little to ecstasy! While you will enjoy your drive through the ‘street of love’…your car will slow down in order to get a glimpse of a building façade, shining with a big red heart. The giant heart will beat for a moment before your wonderful message appears. Your beloved won’t believe it! You can also do something similar on a yacht or in an aeroplane. ”

In a few words, his agency ApoteoSurprise proposes 30 romantic experiences and the perfect occasion to offer your sweetheart the surprise of a lifetime: projection of the marriage proposal on the Eiffel tower, apparition of the love message on the wings of an airplane, the wax statute of Valentine coming to life at the Musée Grévin. He comments: “I can also give you some astounding statistics. Do you know that 20 per cent of women swallow the ring when their groom-to-be drops their engagement ring in a glass of Champagne?”

Nicholas Garreau is 30 years old with a diploma in aeronautic engineering “which is not very romantic.” He avows that he likes romanticism and “I like to surprise my girlfriend. Some years ago, I also wrote some books, all published in France, and I directed an adventure documentary in the USA which will be released in DVD this year.”

He has been with his girl friend some seven years. “I use her to test all my surprises and she is very happy to be a guinea pig.”

Where do his customers come from? “From all over the world: USA, Europe, Asia, ... 90 % of my customers are men who want to surprise their wife, not only with a marriage proposal, but also for a wedding anniversary, a birthday or some other occasion.”

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