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The Journal Record (États-Unis)

Out-of-the-ordinary romantic experiences.

While coming up with creative, romantic ideas has proved challenging for generations of men, a new company is making a living from turning any average Joe into a Romeo.

ApoteoSurprise produces themed experiences for couples who plan to travel to Paris and wish to declare their burning love in a magically original way. Its out-of-the-ordinary romantic experiences offer couples the chance to visit a dreamlike paradise via orchestrated scenarios set in the City of Light :

- Projection of the declaration of love on the walls of Notre- Dame de Paris during a dinner cruise.

- Apparition of the declaration of love on the wings of an airplane or on the big screens of the Stade de France.

- Ninety-foot message written at the foot of a castle and visible from a helicopter.

- Parchment delivered by a prince in the meanders of an enchanted forest.

The plan is for a luxury vehicle to appear at the couple's hotel, headed for a mystery destination. One of the two will be completely unaware of the surprise that's being set up and the delightfully subtle scenario will slowly progress towards the apotheosis - his or her sweetheart's amazing and totally unexpected declaration of love.

The company touts the unusual experience as the perfect occasion for lovers to ask for their partner's hand in marriage, commemorate a wedding anniversary, celebrate a honeymoon or simply offer their sweetheart the surprise of a lifetime.

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