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Surprise ! I love you !

French firm makes marriage proposals memorable.

With all the emphasis on the wedding day, sometimes the actual proposal can become lost in the swamp of memories. If you're looking for a way to make your proposal stand out in the mind of your beloved for years to come, take some tips from a pro.

Nicolas Garreau founded ApoteoSurprise just one year ago, in January 2006, and the service has gained an international reputation already.

Garreau's company will help you make your declaration of love a spectacle of amour. For one couple, the photo of the bridegroom-to-be and his proposal were projected onto to a spot at the base of the Eiffel Tower, more than 40 meters high, while the young lovers enjoyed a candlelight cruise along the Seine. The bride-to-be promptly burst into tears - and the rest of the passengers burst into applause.

Among other romantic surprises arranged by ApoteoSurprise :

- The magical apparition in the gardens of an abbey of a floating message composed of hundreds of candles.

- The setting at the food of a castle of a banner, 40 meters long, proclaiming "I love you" visible from the helicopter where the couple hovered.

- An airplane that revealed on its wings the unexpected marriage proposal.

- A wax statue of St. Valentine coming to life in the 9th Arrondissement's Musée Grévin.

- The reconstruction of a historical romantic scenario in an enchanted forest.

Garreau's firm so far has concentrated its presentations on Paris and areas of the French countryside nearby. But that doesn't mean American haven't taken advantage of ApoteoSurprise's, well, surprises.

"Many of our lovers come from the United States", he writes in an e-mail. "When in Paris, they are very romantic !"

Garreau may not be available in Acadians to help you make a power proposal, but if you use your imagination, you can probably come up with some ideas on your own - and enterprising entrepreneurs to help you make it happen.

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