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The Herald (Grande-Bretagne)

Surprise, surprise.

AH, the romantic Scotsman. We hear from Paris company ApoteoSurprise, which specialises in hugely romantic gestures such as a plane flying above you with the message "I love you" to your girlfriend, and so on.

One Scottish chap signed up for the Montmartre surprise whereby an actor pretending to be a street artist sketches your girlfriend or wife with a necklace with a key round her neck. Further on, you spot a gipsy selling such a necklace which you buy, then a passing stranger gives you an ancient-looking box, the key fits, and inside is a scroll on which you have declared your love for your now surprised partner. That sort of thing.

The only snag for the Scottish chap was that when the pretend artist approached, his wife, with good Scottish sense, told hubby: "You already have a sketch of me at home - you don't need to buy another."

As this would have spoiled the whole effect, the actor/artist stood by as the Scots chap argued with his wife that, hang the expense, they should have another sketch, and she was telling him not to bother.

Eventually he won her over, and the rest went off as romantically as possible. Bless.

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