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Company to offer very first marriage proposal from space.

With Valentines Day just a couple of days away, many people are looking for new and unique ways to propose to their lovers, from a simple romantic dinner to something much more elaborate, like standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower with the moonlight and the stars the only light.

It is no surprise that Paris, France is dubbed one of the most romantic places on Earth, and with that title, it also comes as no surprise that there would be a company located there that feeds off that title.

But it is not the company itself, but its most recent achievement, that will leave at least one lucky lady smiling on Feb. 14.

On Thursday, Sebastian, a 35-year-old French man, will be the first man to propose to his girlfriend in space, at an altitude of 30 km.

The space flight will be entirely filmed, from the launch to the arrival of the message of love in the stratosphere, stated a press release sent out by Nicolas Garreau, Founder of ApoteoSurprise, a popular French proposal company.

“On Valentine’s Day the picture of the couple and the message, ‘Vanessa, will you marry me?’ will be attached to a giant helium-filled balloon and released in the sky by professionals operating in the space exploration area,” said Garreau in the release.

According to Garreau, the set will be supplied with video recording equipment, which will film the message and the surrounding scenery during the whole flight. After two or three hours, the message of love will arrive at an altitude of 30 km, and the last footage will be shot with the wonderful blue planet in the background.

The balloon will blow up, a parachute will open, and the video equipment will fall back to Earth.

“The footage will be recovered and a montage will be edited, so the man can show the astounding film to his girlfriend, who will then become the first woman being proposed to in space.”

Garreau stated that in France, a famous expression says that someone really in love must be able to “unhook the moon”, and he believes that space, the universe, and the stars have a very romantic and mysterious connotation.

“As I already have a proposal package offering a private aerial show in the sky with airplanes drawing a giant smoke heart in the sky, I wanted to do something more crazy, I wanted to go higher in the sky.

“And, as I also have an Aeronautical Engineering degree, I decided to use the technical methods available to send a message of love that much higher. The scenario ‘Say I love you in space’ is the result of my work.”

Available to anybody in the world, Garreau stated that Sebastian ordered the space experience online, picking this newest experience out of the 30 scenarios that are currently available.

“This service is VIP, and the price is high. Sebastian directly knew that this proposal experience was the one for him and his girlfriend.”

Paying approximately $6,700 Canadian, Garreau knows that some of his packages are higher in price, and he stated that his team makes sure that nothing can or will go wrong.

“[With the proposal in space] there are no real risks as we release the balloon only if weather conditions are okay. This kind of balloon is made to reach a specific altitude. And in the event there is a problem, we can immediately send a second balloon.“

Even though “Say I love you in space” is one of the pricier packages on his website, Garreau is hopeful for the newest addition to his company.

“My goal is not to sell the space proposal experience to the most people possible. It will definitely be in my 30 experiences catalogue, and I think two or three people will order this experience every year. This is an experience, which will remain very exclusive and exceptional.”

And although Garreau is located in Paris, and all his proposals are focused out of France, that doesn’t discourage his Canadian customers.

“Many Canadians go to Paris for a romantic getaway, and some of them want to surprise their loved ones or want to propose in the ‘City of Love’. I help a Canadian man to surprise his girlfriend about every month.”

Even though his company is exclusive to Paris, that doesn’t stop him from welcoming as many people as possible to take in the amazing experiences he offers.

“Love is universal. When someone is lucky enough to live a powerful love story, he really has to realize that he must enjoy ever little minute of it.”

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