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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (États-Unis)

Trips with a ring to them.

ApoteoSurprise bills itself as a Paris-based high-end marriage planner specializing in the organization of spectacular and unique marriage proposals. Its newest and most grandiose and expensive proposal package will have you and your intended blast off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and spend a week in space, orbiting the moon where you can pop the question. There are a few drawbacks, though. For starters, this won’t be available until 2022. And, you’ll have to undergo three months of astronaut training. Oh, and it’ll cost $145 million. And, if your beloved spurns your proposal, it’ll be a long ride back to splashdown. ApoteoSurprise does have some more reasonably priced options for those looking to propose in Paris. For as little as $339, a fake delivery man can deliver your proposal using some sleight of hand involving a burning envelope and deck of cards. Check out all 30 marriage proposal offerings at

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