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And if we made a wedding proposal around the moon?

When science fiction comes to life … From 2022, space missions will be launched to the moon to allow a couple to make their marriage proposal to 384 000 km from the Earth. A unique trip has 125 million euros. Here is the detailed program for budding astronauts.

Exit the classic marriage proposal in front of a sunset or its more original variations in the form of pizza … The company organizing unusual requests, ApoteoSurprise , proposes the most improbable trip to say "yes": it is around the moon in full space that you can soon prepare your day J. From the beginning of the year 2022, the future couple will be able to fly in orbit for a week in an autonomous capsule … ensuring that they are alone during this great moment. After a physical training and a technical training of twelve weeks, the lovers will be sent in space from the Kennedy space center in Florida before reaching the orbit of the moon 3 days later … a satellite which they will discover the hidden face during a trip that will last a total of 4 days before returning to Earth. In the ears, budding astronauts will be entitled to the soundtrack of The Space Odyssey on their arrival in weightlessness then the song Fly Me to the Moon of Frank Sinatra at the time of the long-awaited marriage proposal. The price of this unique trip? 125 million euros.

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