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Sun Star (Philippines)

Crazy declarations of love in Paris.

ApoteoSurprise, an agency that produces themed experiences for couples who plan to travel to Paris and who wish to declare their burning love in a magically original way, has just recently opened its doors. Its out of the ordinary romantic experiences offer couples the chance to visit a dreamlike paradise via orchestrated scenarios set in the charming City of Light :

- Projection of the declaration of love on the walls of Notre-Dame de Paris at the time of a dinner-cruising,

- Apparition of the declaration of love on the wings of an airplane or on the big screens of a Stadium,

- A 90-foot message written at the foot of a castle and visible from a helicopter,

- A wax statue of St. Valentine coming to life at the Musée Grévin,

- A parchment delivered by a prince in the meanders of an enchanted forest, etc.

Each of ApoteoSurprise's experiences involves the appearance of an exceptional vehicle at the foot of the loving couple's hotel. Direction: a mystery destination. One of the two will be completely unaware of the surprise that's being set up and the delightfully subtle scenario will slowly progress towards the apotheosis: his/her sweetheart's amazing and totally unexpected declaration of love.

The 40 turn-key experiences are aimed at couples in love who are in search of an unusual and total escape, and who want to ask for their partner's hand in marriage, commemorate a wedding anniversary, celebrate a honeymoon, or "simply" offer their sweetheart the surprise of his/her life.

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