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Story Trender (Grande-Bretagne)

Loved-up lunar-tics! Become the first couple to get engaged in space in out of this world proposal while orbiting the moon for 145 million dollars.

You could become the first couple to get engaged in space as part of an out of this world proposal while orbiting the moon for 145 million dollars.

The loved-up twosome can literally prove their love is to the moon and back, as they will be making the 455,000 miles plus journey after March 2022.

It will be launched by The ApoteoSurprise Agency, based in Paris, France, who are aiming to ‘stage the craziest and most outstanding marriage proposal of the last 13.8 billion years.’

After registering, the pair will embark on 12 weeks of technical and physical training ready for their one-week interplanetary flight on an autonomous spacecraft.

Plans say the two of them, and eight cameras to document them, will launch from the Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.

The planned route will follow the infamous path of the Apollo 8 mission in 1968, which was the second flight to leave the earth’s orbit – traveling up to 38,000 km/hr.

Once feeling the initial weightlessness from being in space, ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra, Op.30’ the theme song from 2001 film Space Odyssey will blast through the couple’s helmets.

Three days later they will be orbiting the moon at an altitude of 200-300 kilometres.

Moments before proposing, Frank Sinatra’s hit, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ will play and the engagement ring will be revealed from a secret compartment hidden within the spacesuit.

This unique and out of this world experience, could make the lucky twosome the first couple to get engaged in space.

From there they will enjoy a final four days watching earth from behind the lunar craters, before touching back down to earth.

Nicolas Garreua, 39, CEO of ApoteoSurprise, said: “This will be the first time a couple will be engaged in space.

“History books will talk about this moment forever, and that’s very exciting for everybody working on the project.

“Nobody has been around the Moon since 1972, since the Apollo missions. Now, with private operators, the dream is about the become reality.

“The private operator I work with will be able to offer this amazing private tour starting in 2022.

“With the proposal package I created, I really wanted to offer the most amazing romantic experience ever.

“What I like is the possibility to do a proposal to the dark side of the Moon, where no more contact is possible with Earth for 30 minutes.

“What is more romantic than feeling alone in the Universe for such a private magical moment?

“I read many astronaut testimonials, and what they said about orbiting the Moon is just incredible.

“I’m sure that this is the most amazing landscape ever for a proposal.”

Nicolas plans to run the proposals in-space up to three times a year, after launched in 2022.

He says that it was the love of his life, who inspired his decision to look into offering such an unusual way to propose.

Nicolas added: “Because of my lovely wife Atlanna, who forever tries to make proposals even more spectacular and crazy.

“We saw the movie Apollo 13 together, and after that, she immediately ask me to make this dream possible for the proposals I plan.

“As I have an aeronautical engineering degree, I immediately accepted the challenge and worked hard to make it true.

“Only a few hundred of people, in the World, can afford such a price, and not all of them are romantic or in a moment of their life when they are planning to propose.”

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