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A world's first marriage proposal in Space.

A proposal taken to a whole new level of romance. This Valentine's Day, will see an innovative marriage proposal by a 35 year-old French man, Sebastian.

On Feb 14, 2013, Sebastian will be the first man to propose to his girlfriend in Space, at an altitude of 30 kilometers. The space flight will be entirely filmed, from the launch to the arrival of the message of love in the stratosphere.

For 4,990 euros (R60,785), this romantic French man decided to call on the services of a French company ApoteoSurprise, a romance expert specialized in planning spectacular marriage proposals in Paris.

But forget Paris, Space will feature a picture of the couple and the message "Vanessa, will you marry me?" - attached to a giant helium-filled balloon and released into the sky. Video recording equipment will be attached to the set, to capture the message and the view of the earth beneath it.

The lady will then become the first woman being proposed in Space. Would she say 'YES'?

The scenario « Say I love you in Space » is the 2013 brand new package from the catalogue of 30 romantic experiences available on the website The official launch of this scenario, allowing men to take the stars out of the sky for their Valentine, will be taking place on February 14, 2013.

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