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Savvy (Australie)

L’amour - NQ style.

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday... so how are you planning to surprise and delight

your loved one? Brekky in bed? Roses delivered to the door? A day of pampering at a spa? Diamonds? Even... a romantic marriage proposal? Or is it more likely to be burnt toast, a dried flower arrangement grabbed from the nearest servo, a nudge first thing in the morning to see if you’re up for it, then a note on the pillow saying he’s gone fishingwith his mates (‘‘Hey love, it’ll be on again next year... ’’?) Or is that just my relationship?! Some blokes need a major inspirational kick up the proverbial before this most romantic day of days, and one enterprising French bloke looks like he has cottoned on to a fairly good idea for those non-romantic types. Though heading over to gay Paree is way beyond the pockets of most of us, there is a solutely no reason why you Aussie blokes can’t adopt some of these ideas to totally woo and bedazzle your missus this Sunday. This Nicolas fellow has come up with more than 30 romantic scenarioswith which to surprise your loved one, and perhaps drop that magic question.

His website, has uggestions on how to say you love your

partner, from a white dove delivered to their front door with a love note attached to its leg, to a romantic rendezvous dinner in an aristocratic 16th century family house just a

stone’s throw from Notre Dame. Another scenario involves a sleek chauffeured stretch limousine to sweep your loved one on a champagne tour through the most beautiful districts of Paris—Opera, Vendôme, Champs-Elysées, Concorde, Louvre, Notre-Dame and Eiffel Tower, finishing on the Rue de l’Amour, where a giant red beating neon heartwill appear on a building facade, completewith your message of love? Okay, while these ideas may be so far out of field as to be laughable to us North Queenslanders, some of the following ideas are definitely ones which can be adapted to our more laidback Aussie lifestyle... how about a horse-drawn carriage, complete with a bouquet of red roses, a bottle of champagne and a small special gift as you are leisurely driven around the upmarket dining precinct of South Townsville? Hire a private yacht for the day (after checking the weather conditions!), and take a romantic luxury cruise for two, alongwith a gourmet picnic, or hire a chef to cook a romantic dinner for the two of you at home. Or why not take to the skies to profess your feelings? While Nicolas suggests flying over Disneyland Paris in amicrolight,with another plane appearing towing your giant message of love through the sky, you could gain just as many brownie points by booking a scenic flight along our beautiful tropical coastline for the pair of you on Townsville’s own Red Baron sea plane. Nicolas suggests a hot air balloon over the

French countrysidewith a butler, roses and a prepared lunch—so how about hot air

ballooning in Cairns instead, with you providing the butler service, the flowers and

the picnic? Nick’s website suggests taking your loved one to the magnificent Stade de France - instead give your partner tickets to the first Cowboys home game of the upcoming season at Dairy Farmers Stadium. One of the website’s more outlandish

scenarios, dubbed ‘‘A Knight’s Tale’’ sets up suitors in fancy 18th century French

costumes at ancient Graville Castle near Fontainebleau, and sends them off through

a dark forest in a horsedrawn carriage where they are set upon by blaskmasked bandits, only to be rescued by a brave knight. Now, I concede it will be hard to match that scenario here in Townsville, but I amsure you can pull together some sort of costume from the St Vinnie’s shop, jump on your treadly with your girl sitting on the handlebars, and try running the gauntlet of the Flinders St East taxi rank at lockdown on a Saturday night...

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