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Pure Weddings (Grande-Bretagne)

Give your proposal some ooh la la.

Widely regarded as the city of romance, Paris is one of the most popular places in

the world for popping the question. If you’re looking to impress with an extravagant proposal, French company ApoteoSurprise arranges creative marriage proposals and romantic experiences for tourists in Paris. From a limousine tour with a personalised message of love appearing on a giant screen near the Eiffel Tower, to a private aerial patrol drawing a white smoke heart in the Parisian sky – nothing is off limits in a bid to create a memorable proposal. The company was launched in 2006 by Nicolas Garreau, a Frenchman who says he is determined to make other people’s dreams come true. He says: “My aim is to offer couples visiting Paris exquisitely romantic experiences based on enchanting scenarios.” Prices range from 490 euros (approx £430) to 15,900 euros (approx £13,950).

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