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Orlando Sentinel (États-Unis)

A pricey, Parisian way to her heart.

If you're headed to Paris with your loved one, consider this :

The ApoteoSurprise company will produce a themed experience for couples who wish to declare their love in a "magically original way". Here's a sampling of what's listed at the Web site :

As you and your sweetie take a dinner cruise aboard a yacht, your photo and declaration of love will be projected at the foot of Notre Dame Cathedral.

As you fly over lovely countryside, a plane will glide up alongside and reveal your message of adoration on its wings.

A car of "gangsters" chasing you will lift up on two wheels and reveal your message on its undercarriage.

Your significant other will be lured to a circus and become a volunteer in a knife-throwing display (no danger, of course). The description of this experience states at the end "you'll be overcome with intense emotions as you tenderly embrace".

If these don't make your heart flutter -- or stop -- the cost might. The Notre Dame experience runs more than $3,500; the gangster and plane events will cost you $2,400 apiece; while the circus excitement will relieve your wallet of $1,900.

Love hurts.

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