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Noticanarias (Espagne)

A French lady projects a giant message of love at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

A few days before Valentine’s Day, a Parisian company, ApoteoSurprise, made the photo and the message of love of Elena, 29, being projected at the base of the Eiffel Tower, more than twenty meters wide, while the lady was enjoying, with her boyfriend, a candlelight dinner cruise along the Seine river.

Michel, 32, was totally astonished when he suddenly saw his photo appearing on Seine banks with the message « Michel, you are the man of my life, I love you more than all » (translated from French language). With emotion, the young man kissed his lady-love while the yacht crew cheered and served champagne to the two lovers.

ApoteoSurprise is an event company which conceives, since 2006, creative marriage proposals and romantic surprises for tourists coming to Paris. Based near Disneyland Paris, the French company offers, on its website, about 30 all-inclusive unconventional experiences to say “I love you”. All ideas, planning and coordination are kept confidential so the ApoteoSurprise client can take all the credit of the over-the-top sensational declaration of love. Prices range from 490 euros for a limousine tour with a personalized message of love appearing on a giant LED screen to 15900 euros for an private aerial patrol drawing in the Parisian sky a white smoke heart.

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