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Nevada Appeal (États-Unis)

Traveling to Paris to pop the question?

Instead of stumbling over the words, communicate it on the walls of Notre Dame. The French agency ApoteoSurprise provides these scenario :

- project the declaration of love on the walls of Notre Dame de Paris at the time of a dinner-cruise,

- an apparition of the declaration of love will appear on the wings of an airplane, or on the big screens of the Stade de France,

- a 90-foot message written at the foot of a castle and visible from a helicopter

a wax statue of St. Valentine coming to life at the Muse Grévin,

- parchment delivered by a prince in the meanders of an enchanted forest.

For more information about the ApoteoSurprise experience in Paris visit

Each scenario has a little story, and a steep price. The prince in the enchanted forest costs 7,990 euros.

Becky Bosshart

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