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La Prensa (États-Unis)

Out of this world love, literally.

What would you do and how far would you go to tell your sweetheart that you love them? Additionally how far would you go (or how much would you spend) to create a one of a kind memory and a unique marriage proposal?

Well a 35-year-old Frenchman named Sebastian has figured out exactly what lengths he will go to show his girlfriend Venessa how much he wants to sweep her off of her feet.

Sebastian hired a company in called ApoteoSurprise to help him to create a proposal that will hopefully etch a smile on his lover’s face and gain a much coveted “yes” from his girlfriend.

On Feb 14, for a $7,000 price tag Sebastian, with the help of ApoteoSurprise services, will send an unmanned hot air balloon 18 miles up into the stratosphere in order to film a very distinct marriage proposal in space.

Once in the stratosphere a message reading, “Venessa, will you marry me?” with a back drop of our big blue planet will be filmed by camera equipment launched with the balloon.

The balloon will then burst and a parachute will be deployed once back on Earth the equipment will be gathered and edited and played for Sebastian’s very special girl.

The footage will be filmed from launch of the balloon to its descent back to earth and will be the first marriage proposal from space.

ApoteoSurprise is a service that has been used by 1000’s to create memorable experiences for couples getting engaged by many methods from simple things like proposing with an at home chef preparing all the stops, to giant LED letters with a proposal message on the Eiffel Tower with plenty of other choices in between.

The big question is what will her answer be? How will she respond? Will she say yes?

What would your dream proposal be if money were no object? And even if it were no object would a simple home cooked dinner and a glass of wine with your significant other and a nicely worded proposal be enough to say yes?

Eloy Hillburn

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