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Take your love to new heights in 2025 with an out of this world dinner in space.

In 2025, lovers will be able to celebrate their love with a romantic trip and dinner in space.

According to ApoteoSurprise, dining in the cosmos with your lover and being proposed to in space are within reach as lovers will have the opportunity to savour an exceptional meal prepared by a French Michelin-starred chef and served by an AI-powered robot on board a space capsule lifted by a stratospheric balloon.

ApoteoSurprise, specialising in orchestrating extravagant marriage proposals in Paris, said the romantic gesture would cost just 750 000 euros.

Detailing the experience, the agency said that upon the couple’s arrival at the spaceport, a pilot would welcome them and invite them aboard a spherical and futuristic space capsule equipped with top-notch amenities.

In the centre of the cabin, a table would be elegantly set up for dinner.

“The lovers will be introduced to StellarEmbrace, the robot that ApoteoSurprise developed in collaboration with a British startup. Equipped with artificial intelligence, the robot will adapt to the emotions and desires of the couple, providing a truly unique interaction.

“From the moment they meet, StellarEmbrace will address the young woman by her name and, presenting her with a bouquet of roses, announce that a gourmet dinner for two in space awaits,” said ApoteoSurprise.

The agency revealed that lifted by a helium-inflated stratospheric balloon, the pressurised capsule would then embark on a peaceful two-hour ascent, offering breathtaking 360° views of the planet through its immense windows.

“At an altitude of 35 kilometres, the space module will be above 99% of Earth's atmosphere, allowing the couple to gaze at the curvature of the Earth, its blue halo, and the total darkness of space.

“Like only 600 astronauts before them, the lovers will experience the overview effect, a cognitive shift that will redefine their view of the world and connect them to all of humanity,” said ApoteoSurprise.

The agency said that the couple would then take their seats at the table, and for three hours, the robot would serve them a five-course gourmet dinner with wines and champagne specially crafted for the occasion by a renowned French chef with two Michelin stars.

The dinner would be accompanied by a carefully curated playlist featuring iconic tracks such as “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, “Across the Universe” by The Beatles or “Walking on the Moon” by Police.

“Just before dessert, StellarEmbrace will playfully interrupt the tasting to inform the man that he has forgotten something important. The robot will promptly bring him a luminous box that a secret code will open.

“Suddenly, the suitor will remember the code and enter it. The box will split in two, revealing a luxurious case containing an engagement ring. The man will then propose to his beloved, sealing his love in the eternity of space,” said ApoteoSurprise.

Following the romantic dinner, the capsule would begin a slow descent and after a two-hour journey, the betrothed would be back on Earth, discovering that the robot had recorded every moment of their voyage, from their arrival at the capsule to their tender farewells.

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