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Love is in the air.

He loved her to the moon and back – so he proved it.

Frenchman Sebastian is proposing to his girlfriend, Vanessa, this Valentine ’s Day via a giant helium filled balloon which will launch over 18 miles into space and record the intergalactic proposal. This historic event was announced in a press release published by ApoteoSurprise, the organization orchestrating this feat.

ApoteoSurprise is a Paris-based company run by Nicolas Garreau. While romance comes naturally, it was aided by spending his teenage years in Venice.

“Seeing people kissing in gondolas every weekend gave me a romantic mind. So, personally, I’m very romantic, and I never understood why no services existed to help men to be romantic and to amaze their loved one in a creative and spectacular way.” Garreau explained.

His degree in Aeronautical Engineering combined with a close relationship with Parisian vendors has led to over 30 romantic scenarios perfect for proposals.

These experiences range from, “Say I love you in a limousine” to “Say I love you with fireworks” to, as of this year, “Say I love you in space.” Each scenario is incredibly detailed, from the type of champagne to be imbibed to the flowers lining the path. And this detail is no mistake.

Garreau explains the minute by minute planning which goes into a scenario, such as the one titled “Say I love you on the wings of an airplane.”

“We know that the hotel pick-up is done at 11:00, and that we have to arrive at the airport at 12:00 precisely. The airplane with the message on its wings take off at 11:55, just before the lovers arrive on the red carpet. If the chauffeur, with the lovers, arrive at airport at 11:57, the clients see the message, and there is no more surprise! If they arrive at airport at 12:05, it can be too late for the flying authorization. So, the chauffeur has to drive at the right rhythm.”

These breathtaking experiences cost anywhere from $350 – $21,000.

A marriage proposal while being showered by 1,000 roses on a private yacht stopped under the Pont des Arts will only a dream for most of us. After all, college students have to be creative within their means – and these means usually don’t include thousands of expendable dollars for a single moment. So how are men on campus creative and personal?

For Jenna Kost, this meant a trip to the beach with her then-boyfriend Benjamin Funkhouser. What started as a relatively normal trip was made more special by dancing to music on a secluded beach. All the while, Funkhouser was looking at the sky for the perfect sunset. As it arrived, he played a song he’d written, singing the words while they danced. The last line of this ballad asked the famous question, “Will you marry me?” Though this moment is a blur, Kost excitedly said yes. It was special to her because of the shock factor. “I wanted to be surprised, he wanted to surprise me.”

James Murrell took a different approach when he proposed to Jena Lane. Their proposal happened on campus, when Murrell led Lane through a walk, reminiscing on various milestones in their relationship. The walk ended on the nature trail when Murrell got down on one knee. “It was very sweet and thoughtful. Very simple. And that reflects us – we just are.” Lane said.

Hannah Yocum and Jesse Belleque’s engagement is one of the more recent on campus, happening over Christmas break. Yocum spent New Year’s Eve visiting Belleque and his family. Through a series of gifts, gift tags, messages, and photography, Belleque set up an elaborate proposal which involved Yocum reading the question in front of Belleque’s set up camera. “When I finally read the message aloud, Jesse set the camera, came around, and got down on one knee. As he asked me to marry him, I heard the clicking of the camera taking a succession of pictures—and finally understood.”

Every story is diverse and fits the personality of those in the relationship. Above all, you just have to remember that the sky is the limit – literally – when it comes to different ways to propose.

Tori Cole

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