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Happy News (États-Unis)

Lover gives his sweetheart the Eiffel Tower.

ApoteoSurprise, the French agency specializing in love declarations and original marriage proposals has just made another happy man. Stephen, 32 years old, chose to declare his love with the help of the brand new service provided by the agency on its website

The young man's proposal and his picture were projected over forty meters at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in a multicolored sparkling setting, while the two lovers were enjoying their candlelit dinner on board a cruise boat.

Virginia, 28 years old, burst into tears while the other passengers applauded. She then said "yes".

Since its opening in January 2006, the agency ApoteoSurprise has accumulated more and more sensational romantic surprises. To name a few... the magical apparition in the gardens of an abbey of a floating message composed of hundreds of candles, the setting at the foot of a castle of a forty meters long "I love you" visible from a helicopter, an airplane revealing on its wings an unimaginable marriage proposal, a wax statue of St. Valentine coming to life at the Musée Grévin, or even the reconstruction of a historical romantic scenario in the meanders of an enchanted forest.

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