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Gwinnett Daily Post (États-Unis)

From Paris with love.

Hey, guys, still wondering what to do for your wife or girlfriend today? How about whisking her off to Paris, which may be the only place on earth where you can declare your undying affection by presenting her with a human heart.

That’s according to a French gentleman named Nicolas Garreau, whose Paris-based company specializes in providing unique ways for clients to say “I love you” while in the “City of Love”.

In fact, Garreau’s firm, ApoteoSurprise, offers more than 30 different “romantic scenarios”, including “Say I love you with a human heart.” Turns out it’s a guy dressed up in a giant heart costume.

And his company really does provide some very unique experiences, as long as you have at least 290 euros, which these days is like, I don’t know, $4 million or something.

But I guess it’s a little too late to fly to Paris for this Valentine’s Day, so you’re probably stuck with the sappy card and the cheap box of candy. Maybe next year you and your beloved can indulge in one of M. Garreau’s juicy scenarios.

Rob Jenkins

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