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How to plan a marriage proposal.

Ah spring - what a beautiful time to be in love and what a beautiful time to get engaged. At first blush, proposing might appear to be a relatively straightforward process: a nice restaurant, a rock in her champagne glass and, voila! Right? Well, while every proposal is memorable, a little creativity will go a long way to making your special moment even more so. So if you’re thinking of popping the question soon, we have some ideas to help you organize an unforgettable proposal.

Nicolas Garreau of ApoteoSurprise, a company that arranges romantic wedding proposals for tourists in Paris, quoted a survey that found 80 percent of women felt their proposal was less romantic than they had hoped for. The same study also revealed that 20 percent of women actually swallowed the ring when their groom-to-be dropped it in a glass of champagne! (That gives a whole new meaning to “choked up,” doesn’t it?) The best way to get beyond the obvious is to spend a little time thinking about how you might weave a special detail about you as a couple into your proposal. If you’re stuck, try to think of ways to link the big moment to how you met or your favorite activity to do together. And if you’re just not the creative type, ask other creative types like ApoteoSurprise, for a little help.

Alicia Rockmore

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