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George Herald (Afrique du Sud)

What's wrong with going on your knees?

Today, February 14 2013, Sebastian, a 35-year-old French man, will be the first man to propose to his girlfriend from space, at an altitude of 30km.

For 4990 euros, the French company ApoteoSurprise, a specialist in planning spectacular marriage proposals in Paris, will today attach a picture of the couple and the message, “Vanessa, will you marry me?” to a giant helium-filled balloon and release it in the space exploration area. Everything will be filmed.

After two or three hours, the message of love will arrive at an altitude of 30km, and the last footage will be shot with the blue planet in the background. The balloon will blow up, a parachute will open, and the video equipment will fall back to Earth. The footage will be recovered and a montage will be edited, so the would-be groom can show the film to his girlfriend.

The scenario “Say I love you in Space” is a new package from the catalogue of 30 romantic experiences available.

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