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Looking to propose in space? French company offers trips starting in 2022.

How ... romantic? A French agency said starting in 2022, it will offer couples a chance to propose while flying around the moon for a mere $145 million.

"The ApoteoSurprise agency, a French marriage proposal planner specialized in creating extravagant proposals, introduces a whole new service for 145 million dollars which will allow 21st century handsome princes to propose while flying around the Moon," the group said in a release.

The trip follows very a specific procedure, including 12 weeks of prerequisite technical and physical training (but surely, the proposal will be a surprise). The couple will takeoff from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, then will listen to Richard Strauss's "Thus spoke Zarathustra, Op.30" (the theme from 2001 Space Odyssey) "when the first effects of weightlessness are felt."

They would arrive in lunar orbit three days later and lose all communication with earth for about 30 minutes "while the capsule flies over the dark side of the moon."

The Frank Sinatra song "Fly Me to the Moon" will be played halfway through the orbital flight, allowing the suitor to make a marriage proposal "far from any form of human life" with an engagement ring "secretly hidden" in his or her space suit.

"The one-week interplanetary flight will be carried out using a self-contained and autonomous spacecraft allowing the two lovers to travel alone." That's reassuring.

The couple would get unique views of Earth from behind lunar craters and return home four days later.

The ultimate goal of the agency is to "stage the craziest and most outstanding marriage proposal of the last 13.8 billion years."

The flight-plan followed by the space capsule will mirror that of the mythical Apollo 8 mission in 1968. The spacecraft, traveling at a speed of up to 23,612 miles per hour, and would be equipped with eight cameras record the trip "to immortalize their entry into the history of the conquest of space and the conquest … of love!"

Starting in March 2022, "elite lovers will be able to book the all-included service on the site and five months later find themselves enjoying the following program."

ApoteoSurprise said it has facilitated proposals ranging from 1,000 roses raining down on a yacht during a dinner cruise, to "a carrier dove sent to the beloved's home."

Joe Nelson

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