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Flash News (États-Unis)

French company helps tourists declare their Amour.

Paris is a city for lovers and now a French man is making it easier for tourists to declare their love to their amour even more.

Nicolas Garreau is the man behind ApoteoSurprise, which produces themed experiences for folks who want to declare their love in a one-of-a-kind manner.

For instance, the company will project a declaration of love on the walls of the Notre Dame cathedral – or on the wings of a passing airplane.

Garreau also has a person pretending to be a statue standing in a museum who suddenly comes to life when the couple passes by.

Another involves a trip to the middle of a forest where a “handsome prince” delivers a poem on parchment.

Each romantic surprise costs between $500 and $20000 U.S. and Garreau says they’re appropriate for wedding proposals, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Garreau has been doing his romantic excursions since February and, so far, he’s had lots of satisfied love birds.

However, he has no plans to add one to the Pere Lachaise cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried and having someone pretend to be the dead Doors singer come to life and propose.

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