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What kind of experience is the $145 million lunar marriage proposal.

In this era, only you can’t think of things that you can’t do, such as marriage proposal. You think that space travel is not a bad thing, but in fact some people have already planned to come to a more powerful marriage proposal. Beginning in 2022, as long as your wallet is full of drums, you can fly over the surface of the moon to come to the romantic lunar marriage proposal. At present, the lunar marriage proposal has a detailed itinerary.

It is understood that the plan was planned by Apoteo Surprise, a wedding planning company in Paris, France. Founder Nicholas Garreau is an aviation engineer. The company stated that its ultimate goal is to create the most insane and extraordinary proposal for 1.38 billion years. Surprise.” According to the “Moon Proposal” itinerary, on the day of the marriage proposal, the lovers will take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and will play Strauss when they enter the weightless state for the first time. “Thus spoke Zarathustra, Op.30”.

According to the timetable, after three days, the couple will successfully reach the lunar orbit and fly with the planet at an altitude of 200-300 km. When flying to the middle of the track, Frank Sinatra’s “Fly” will be played in the spacecraft. Me to the Moon, when the prospective groom will take out the prepared ring from the blazer and propose to the sweetheart in the uninhabited space. This romantic marriage proposal will end after the two people enjoy the spectacular sunrise behind the moon crater, and finally fly back to the atmosphere to land, ending the journey of nearly a week.

It is reported that this one-stop space marriage proposal will be open for online appointment after March 2020. After five months of registration, both parties must receive physical training and 12 weeks of technical training. The marriage service is costly and costs 145 million US dollars, about 960 million yuan. It is necessary to know the trajectory of the spacecraft. It is similar to the orbit of the mythical Apollo 8 mission in 1968. 38,000 kilometers, it will be equipped with 8 cameras to capture the feat of entering the space. $145 million, which is really impossible for us ordinary people! Let’s honestly propose marriage on the earth.

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