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Unusual experience: a wedding plan before the “Titanic”? It is possible for 1 million euros.

A French company offers you to declare your flame at a depth of 3,800 meters. A meeting with its founder, a true lover of love.

All marriage proposals are unique. But some are not in a particular place, because they take you to the farthest lands of love. Nothing is too good to guarantee eternal fidelity.

This is why Nicolas Garreau, president of ApoteoSurprise, has now offered to dive to a depth of 3,800 meters to prove his love. The famous ship’s bow, near the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Titanic Waiting for the bride.

“Only men reserve my shots (Note: Company offers services at various rates). Everything is done so that the woman does not suspect anything until the last minute. About the experience Titanic, the couple traveled aboard a high-tech submarine, accompanied by an expedition leader and two scientists. Ten seconds after the ship’s bow appears, the man kneels down and makes his proposal,” explains Nicolas Carreiro.

Celine Dion’s legendary song, “My Heart Will Go On,” also provides inspiration for future fiances to embark on the crazy adventure of love.

The price of love

But how did the founder of ApoteoSurprise come up with this crazy idea and bring it to life? “To my knowledge, less than 300 people have had the opportunity to see the ship in person. So I wanted to take inspiration from James Cameron’s movie “Titanic” to give an incredible performance. Then I called on my network, being an aeronautical engineer by training, to sign contracts with a diving company specializing in depth and already in the surrounding area. Titanic.” Nicolas Garreau preferred to keep his contacts secret.

But declaring his flame has come at a cost: 1 million euros. “We can only offer this experience to less than ten people a year, and only during the summer because of the weather”, notes the inventor.

If the goal is to happily swim until death, be careful not to repeat James Cameron’s complete scene. Spoiler: Danger of drowning. So we want everyone who wants to take a cry to be a little more sure of themselves.

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