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BBC (Grande-Bretagne)

Inside the world of luxury marriage proposals.

There’s a fast-growing industry catering to those willing to spend tens of thousands – or more – on popping the question.

It’s all about creating “a romantic bubble” within which you build up from feelings of suspense to “an emotional peak”, says Nicolas Garreau of ApoteoSurprise in Paris, France. Since 2006, Garreau has staged 1,600 proposals. As well as custom proposals, he offers 30 scenario experiences starting from 290 euros ($308).

For 19,900 euros ($21,183) a couple can cross Paris in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Corniche before a gourmet lunch on the terrace of a manor house overlooking the Seine valley. A rumbling overhead will signal the arrival of four aeroplanes flying in formation. Their aerobatics display culminates with a massive heart drawn across the sky in white smoke.

More often requested, says Garreau, is the 1,990 euros ($2,118) option of a horse-drawn Cinderella coach complete with a chocolate shoe in the woman’s size, followed by a tour of Paris and dinner aboard a boat cruising the Seine.

“I’m in the business of making women cry,” says Garreau. “If the tears didn’t come I would feel I had failed in some way.”

A horse-drawn Cinderella coach is one of the most popular proposal scenarios offered by Paris-based planner ApoteoSurprise.

Lennox Morrison

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