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Bangla Times (Bangladesh)

An interview with Mr Nicolas Garreau.

Only a few days left when the whole world shall celebrate Valentine’s Day. In Bangladesh, the day is known as bhalobasha (love) dibos (day). As people already know, Saint Valentine is a widely recognized third century Roman saint remembered on February 14 and associated since the High Middle Ages with a tradition of courtly love. Nothing is reliably known of St. Valentine except his name. It is uncertain whether St. Valentine is to be identified as one saint or two saints of the same name.

What we believe is, until we LOVE our LORD; the LORD of the UNIVERSE, we cannot even imagine of attaining CLOSENESS to HIM. As we all know that we human even cannot encompass enormity of HIS love. But by loving human, we can just feel HIS divine LOVE.

Today we have with us an unusual man into an unusual profession who makes life’s one of the most important decision more charming, love more colorful, Nicolas GARREAU ; Founder of ApoteoSurprise is here with Bangla-Times to talk about his versatile life and his extra-ordinary experience in his profession.

Bangla-Times: Welcome Mr Nicolas Garreau. We are truly honored to have the opportunity to interview a person like you in Bangla-Times.

Mr Garreau: Thank you, the pleasure is all mine! Love has no frontiers and is really a universal language; no matter we are in France or in Bangladesh.

Bangla-Times: As you know that Bangla-Times is a Bangladeshi ONLINE Newspaper. What is your impression about Bangladesh?

Mr Garreau: What I know about Bangladesh is that it offers some beautiful landscapes.

Bangla-Times: Surely, you have chosen an unusual profession. What brought you into this profession and how much do you enjoy your own profession?

Mr Garreau: I have always been romantic. When I was a child, I wrote message of love in front of the house of the girls I liked. At the age of 10, I went for 4 years to Italy with my family, as a job was offered to my father just near Venice. Seeing people kissing in gondola every weekend definitely gave me a romantic mind. When I was back in France, I was even more romantic. At high school, for example, I often hid roses in school lockers of the girls I was in love with; I didn’t even give my name or my phone number, it was just for the magic feeling to see girls being amazed and surprised by the mysterious bouquet of flowers! So, personally, I’m very romantic, and I never understood why no services existed to help men to be romantic and to amaze their loved one in a memorable way. By creating ApoteoSurprise, I wanted to make possible the kind of love story we only think possible in books or in films.

Bangla-Times: You bring lovers together or create atmosphere for the lovers to announce/express their love for each other. Does that give you an extra-pleasure?

Mr Garreau: Sure, with the 30 all-inclusive romantic packages I offer in Paris, it’s really enjoyable seeing women crying out of happiness when surprised by their loved one! It’s an amazing feeling being able to help people from all over the World to express their love in Paris. With my romance services, couples live the most powerful and romantic moment of their life, and that’s really a great feeling.

Bangla-Times: If you just imagine that you were not involved with such an exciting profession and rather be involved with a traditional job/business, how do you feel when you have that thought?

Mr Garreau: Well, I’m graduated with an aeronautical engineering degree, because I wanted to work in Formula 1. This job is not really romantic, but I really like this prestigious racing sport, and if I didn’t create ApoteoSurprise, I surely today would be working in a Formula 1 team.

Bangla-Times: I know you not for a very long period, yet I find you an amazing man. What people think about you who know you for a long time?

Mr Garreau: Thank you so much for the kind compliment! But it’s not so easy to know what my friends should say about me... Maybe, they would say that I’m fanciful and honest?

Bangla-Times: Please tell us about your most remarkable experience at ApoteoSurprise.

Mr Garreau: Since 2006, I planned more than 1000 romantic surprises and marriage proposals in Paris. Each love story I saw is very specific to the couple concerned, but one thing is sure, each of the 1000 surprises I organized was as magical as a dream or a fairy-tale! And it’s amazing knowing that people really come from all over the World to express their love during a romantic getaway in Paris.

Bangla-Times: Although I know that you are a very busy person dedicated to your profession, yet if you can make it, please visit Bangladesh. I can assure you this much, with your AMOROUS EYES you will deeply feel YES, BANGLADESH IS A COUNTRY WHERE THERE IS LOVE EVERY WHERE.

Mr Garreau: I’m not lucky to visit this beautiful World location yet, but I’m sure I would love your Country! And if you say that love is everywhere in Bangladesh, I would love your Country even more!

Bangla-Times: Hope soon or at least next Valentine’s day we get the opportunity to welcome you here to say something for our valued readers?

Mr Garreau: If I had opportunity to come to you, I would certainly be happy to meet your newspaper team and your readers!

Thank you very much Mr Nicolas Garreau for your valued time.

Mr Garreau: Thank you, and I wish a wonderful Valentine’s Day to all the Bengali lovers!

ApoteoSurprise is a Paris-based agency specialized in organizing a marriage proposal, an anniversary, a renewal of vows or any other occasion in love. Their goal is to help you offer your Dulciné (e) a fairy tale. In seven years of operation, nearly a thousand lovers, including many celebrities have entrusted ApoteoSurprise for romantic surprise.

Sohail Choudhury

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