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Web site taking 'the proposal' to new heights.

It seems like the tradition of proposing marriage is reaching new heights. People wanting to propose are thinking up bigger and better ways to pop the question as if to say the 'down on one knee' method just isn’t good enough.

A new online company is taking the proposal to the next level. ApoteoSurprise is providing a service that romantics will enjoy. You can log on to their website and they help you with the manner in which you propose. They’ll project “Will you marry me?” under the Eiffel Tower while you cruise by on a boat or write it in 100 foot letters on a castle.

The Website launched in 2006, but is really taking off and the French company continues to perform more sensational and over-the-top romantic surprises.

To check it out log on to and plan a proposal surprise. Just remember the surprise will have to involve a trip to Paris.

Natalie Flanzer

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