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Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (États-Unis)

Romantic notions.

If you just happen to be taking your loved one to Paris for Valentine’s Day, a year-old online company is making a big thing out of marriage proposals there. French agency ApoteoSurprise, which put out its shingle in January 2006, is offering to arrange “love-story settings” during a stay in Paris to enable people to pop the question. For various prices (given in euros ), company officials will project “Will you marry me ?” under the Eiffel Tower as you and yours cruise by on a dinner boat. They’ll write the question in 100-foot letters on a castle while you fly by in a helicopter. Other proposals that can be arranged: a “magical apparition in the gardens of an abbey of a floating message composed of hundreds of candles; an airplane revealing on its wings a love message, a wax statue of Valentine coming to life at the famous Musee Grevin, or even the reconstruction of a historical romantic scenario in the meanders of an enchanted forest.” Of course after doing all that, you may be too broke to arrange a wedding. But anyway, go to (Note: The minimum time to order the experience depends on the type of experience and the service providers that must be involved in its execution. When you click on the “order now” button at the bottom of the description for each experience, you’ll be taken to a calendar that indicates the dates your chosen experience will be available.)

Helaine R. Williams

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