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Organisation d'une demande en mariage originale à Paris




A man proposes in an original way in a limousine under the Eiffel Tower

Ready to Propose in Paris? Fantastic, she will say "OUI"!

Whether it's in a limousine with a message appearing at the Eiffel Tower, aboard Cinderella's carriage with its magic slipper, amid a rain of 1000 roses during a dinner cruise, with the Phantom of the Opera, or even during a space trip around the Moon, our romance expertise will make sure your future fiancée gets the surprise of her life!

A unique Paris Engagement that will leave her breathless!

Relax and enjoy the most POWERFUL moment of your love life. We have created 30 romantic, all-inclusive proposal packages that will allow you to get engaged in Paris as if taken straight out of a fairytale...

A romantic and heartfelt wedding proposal in Paris
Bague pour une demande en mariage originale
Nicolas Garreau

Our story: ApoteoSurprise was founded by Nicolas Garreau, who journalists have dubbed "Cupid 2.0" for his innovative and spectacular approach to marriage proposals.

Our mission: help men from all over the world propose in Paris with elegance, creativity and a touch of whimsy.

Our experience: pover 2000 surprise marriage proposals planned in Paris since we pioneered the concept in 2006!

ApoteoSurprise is globally recognized worldwide as the premier wedding proposal planner.

Over the course of 18 years, media outlets from more than 130 countries have covered our spectacular proposals, resulting in approximately 2,000 news articles, radio interviews, and TV reports!

Los Angeles Times
A Paris surprise proposal in Cinderella's carriage

We arranged their marriage proposal in Paris!

Simon C. (England)

"Cette entreprise est exceptionnelle, elle se donne à fond pour garantir que votre demande en mariage soit un moment inoubliable pour vous deux. Pour votre demande en mariage, elle promet de vous époustoufler et de vous laisser des souvenirs merveilleux d'une manière très unique et incroyablement romantique."

Glenn J. (USA)

"Nicolas et son équipe ont vraiment dépassé mes attentes pour rendre ma demande en mariage extraordinaire. Chaque détail a été soigneusement planifié, jusque dans les moindres détails, assurant une exécution parfaite de la surprise. Leur engagement pour l'excellence nous a permis de vivre ce moment avec un confort total."

Janinder T. (England)

"Ma demande s'est déroulée sans aucun stress grâce à leur excellente coordination et réalisation. Ma fiancée a été totalement éblouie par l'organisation et l'expérience était véritablement magique. Je recommande vivement cette entreprise à toute personne souhaitant organiser une demande unique et mémorable !"

For additional client feedback, please visit our Testimonials page or read their reviews on Google.

An extraordinary marriage proposal in Paris on a yacht
Marriage proposal on Pont Alexandre III

Your unique marriage proposal in Paris


You are deeply in love and you know she is the woman of your life. You are now ready to propose in Paris and want to offer her the most touching and unforgettable moment of her life. But how do you make an original marriage proposal? How do you, out of love for her, reach for the stars?

To ensure a successful surprise marriage proposal in Paris, one thing is certain: forget about social media and photo shoots in front of generic backdrops on the banks of the Seine or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower! While popular, these types of proposals can often seem predictable, overacted, and impersonal to women.

At ApoteoSurprise, we offer you pure magic. No more stress for either of you! With nearly two decades of experience, we possess all the secrets to transport you both directly to cloud nine.


Thanks to our expertise, your beloved will believe that YOU, like a charming prince, have made a dream come true!

Our exclusive collection of 30 romantic scenarios represents the ultimate in intensity and memorability for a marriage proposal. Each scenario has been meticulously crafted to create an astonishing emotional lift, capturing the essence of love and ensuring an extraordinary odyssey.


For organizing the perfect marriage proposal, contact us!

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Romantic hotel in Paris

After your mesmerizing wedding proposal with ApoteoSurprise in Paris, immerse yourself in an extraordinary enchantment. Choose from our exquisite collection of romantic hotels to elevate and prolong the magic of your love declaration, ensuring an unforgettable and captivating stay experience.

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